Obasanjo thrown down from third floor, found dead in car boot

Turkish Cypriot media have reported the arrest of 11 people in connection with the killing of Nigerian student , living in Nicosia.

Obasanjo was declared missing on July 1. On 8 July, his body was found in the of his car, parked at a remote area of a dirt field. The odour oozing out of the car attracted passersby, who alerted the police.

The arrested suspects appeared in Nicosia Accident Court in Lefkosa on Friday, after their arrests from an apartment building.

The 11 suspects were identified with their initials: COA, EI, OF, JO, JOI, MO, IC, LOI, NIFDM and AE.

Assistant Police Inspector Feyyaz İneci, told the court that the suspects used a cutting tool to kill Obasanjo in their apartment. He said there are other suspects involved as the probe widens.

Judge Cenkay Inan, after assessing the testimony given by the police ordered the suspects to be detained for three days

Police learned that the apartment was the last place Obasanjo, studying architecture at the Cyprus International University, had gone before he was killed.

Combo photos of the place where Obasanjo’s body was found 8 July

Turkish media reported that he was severely beaten and wounded with a cutting tool and then thrown from the window of the apartment on the third floor.

Reports quoting Turkish Cypriot daily Yeniduzen said the police raided the building at 4am on Thursday, smashing into two apartments. Photographs showed bloodstains on some furniture in the house.

Turkish Cypriot Police retraced Obasanjo to this building in Lefkosa

Police also found black plastic gloves with stains resembling blood on the floor.

It was gathered that the deceased was allegedly killed in a fight due to the issue of debt, according to reports.

The suspects nabbed in connection with the murder of Obasanjo Adeola Owoyale


(PM News)

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