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CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Own Perfume | Video/Photo Inside

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12"Cristiano Ronaldo launches new perfume line – Cristiano Ronaldo has taken his business empire to a whole new level. The Real Madrid winger who unleashed a line of underwear earlier this year has unveiled a new line of perfume called Legacy."3

According to the, Ronaldo went for the launching of the fragrance straight after training with his club on Thursday morning. Speaking at the launch, Ronaldo said: “It’s difficult to do publicity stuff after training. But nothing in life is easy and that is why you have to work hard for your achievements.5

“Not everything in life is about football, there are other things too. This is part of the job.” Ronaldo said launching a fragrance with his name attached to it is a life long dream of his since childhood and expressed joy that he was able to unveil the perfume.


The Mirror describes the perfume as “luxurious and exotic” adding that it is“masculine and distinctive,” with lavender, apple and cinnamon feel. He said: “It’s for all the people that like Cristiano. So that they can have something of me close to them.4

”Meanwhile, Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez has revealed that Ronaldo will be free to leave for PSG if the french club can offer as much as the €1 billion inserted in his release clause. PSG reportedly made inquiries about the Portuguese winger’s availability during the 2015 summer transfer window but their attempt to sign the current world footballer of the year were rebuffed.6


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