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UEFA: VAR penalty decision in the Manchester United-PSG Game

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The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) supports the VAR decision to award Manchester United penalty which kicked Paris St-Germain out of the Champions League.

Recall that the decision came after PSG defender Kimpembe was penalized for handball in the final minute as referee Damir Skomina ruled he had blocked Diogo Dalot’s shot with his arm after watching replays.

UEFA finally speaks on Manchester United VAR penalty decision against PSG

However, the governing body of football in Europe supported the decision explaining that the distance the ball covered was “not short” and Kimpembe’s arm was “not close” to his body.

UEFA also added that “the impact could therefore not be unexpected” and “the defender’s body [was made] bigger thus resulting in the ball being stopped from traveling in the direction of the goal.

“The referee, therefore, awarded a penalty kick.

“Given that the referee did not recognize the incident clearly during live play [referred to an as serious missed incident in the VAR protocol] an on-field review was conducted.”

After being awarded the penalty, Marcus Rashford scored to earn United a 3-1 win on the night and send them through on away goals.





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