15 yr-old Does Extreme Plastic Surgery to Win Ex-Boyfriend Back

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The world is truly evolving as a -year-old can now undergo .

Disturbing images of a 15-year-old Chinese girl has caused an online furore since hitting the internet. The teenager involved who goes by the name Lee Hee Danae is said to have undergone major cosmetic surgery and has her pictures being circulated on social media.

The girl who is from the Henan province in central China reportedly underwent the procedure to over an ex-boyfriend. She has been labelled ‘too beautiful to look at’ and ‘snake spirit’.

Lee has since amassed a shocking following of 400,000 followers on her Weibo account-a Chinese social media platform and has over 24,000 likes on one of her comments on Chinese internet portal Tencent.

See More Photos Below:

plastic plastic2 plastic5 plastic6 plastic7

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