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Husband set his wife on fire 150 times

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Forget Evel Knievel – the Stannage family are more like Evel Kin-evel as they perform high octane stunts together.


Daredevil dad Mark, 45, is joined by wife Janine, 48, their 20-year-old son Aaron and his girlfriend Megan Murphy, 19, as they set fire and blow each other up on a daily basis.

Proving that the family that sets each other on fire together, stays together, the fearless foursome have been performing for the last 11 years.

Since starting International Stannage Stunt Team over a decade ago, doting Mark has set fire to his beloved wife more than 150 times.

Mark, from Barnsley, South Yorks, said: “Of course this job is dangerous, but as family we all trust each other to be safe.

“We’re really close – I think this helps bring us together.

“We set each other on fire, jump off 52ft tall poles, the lot.

“In one stunt – the exploding coffin – they blow me up with a load of fireworks while Aaron jumps through the explosion on a motorbike.”

The family fit their performances and practice around Mark and Aaron’s full time jobs – as fire safety officers.

Mark said: “We’re probably in a good position to advise other people as we set each alight a lot.

“We work for different companies but we both go around the country advising people about their alarms and exits.

“The stunt industry is seasonal, but you still have to pay the mortgage somehow.”

After an incredible stroke of fate, an Evel Knievel obsessed Mark joined a stunt team at the age of 14.


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