Lady Repeatedly Poisoned Her Son to Drive Traffic to Her Blog

son-killerLacey Spears, 27, from New York, blogged about her Garnett’s ‘mystery illness’ on her , ‘Garnett’s Journey’.

What she was in fact doing was giving him high doses of salt .

‘By not imposing the maximum, I’m exhibiting something you didn’t show your son – namely mercy,’ said Judge Robert Neary.

‘Your crime is unfathomable in its cruelty. How could a mother ever treat her child in such a callous, inhumane manner?’

Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd called Garnett a normal and healthy boy made ill by his mother in ‘bizarre need for attention’

‘She used that feeding tube as a weapon to kill him. Garnett Spears should be in school today but he’s not – because his mother murdered him.’

Spears was described as having Munchausen by proxy, a syndrome where the caregiver fabricates a medical problem for someone in their care.

Garnett’s father was killed in a car accident.

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