Mum who was jealous of her daughter’s dimples spends £1,300 to get them

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A mum has forked out £1,300 on surgery to get ‘cute’ dimples like her 11-year-old son.


Beauty blogger AJ Weir, 44-year-old, from Lincolnshire, said she thought her friends with dimples were able to use their adorable grins to get their own way.Around 10 years ago, she started investigating dimple surgery – called dimpleplasty –because she loved the features so much.

So it wasn’t until September this year that she finally had the controversial procedure.
She explained:

“For a long time, I wanted dimples. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I think they are really cute.If somebody has dimples, I will try to stick my finger in their face. It’s really weird, but I just love them.“I see them as a sign of being cute.”
Under a local anaesthetic, surgeons took a chunk out of the inside of her mouth and then they stitched that to her cheek.

She said:

The surgery itself was painless and because you’ve not had a general anaesthetic, you don’t feel groggy afterwards.
“I did start to swell up and looked a bit like a chipmunk, so I got some funny looks on the train. Over the next few days, the swelling started to go down and the bruising came out a lot more. It started to become quite sore and painful, but I never regretted having it done.”

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