Read The Advice IPOB Gave Donald Trump About White House

The Indigenous Peoples of , , has told the US President- elect, to ensure he embarked on spiritual cleansing at the White House before moving into it .


IPOB worldwide in a statement titled “Trump please cleanse White House before parking in if you want to succeed” said

“We the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra want to advise American President-elect , Donald Trump to first bring powerful men of God to cleanse the White House before parking in if he wants to succeed and make sure his government bring back the face of God Almighty to America again.
“He should rededicate America to God Almighty if he truly wants to make America great again. Obama administration has defiled White House. God is unhappy with the US because Obama has forsaken the godly principles of the founding fathers of America who preached for the face of God Almighty in everything America does.
Even America wrote: IN GOD WE TRUST in their currency and other important things in America. That is a sign to prove that America is a God’s own nation.” “We will not be surprised if he (Obama) may have dedicated White House to strange gods. This is why God rejected him and his candidate, Hillary Clinton because God wants to restore the lost glory of America.”
IPOB also urged Trump “to bring Obama to the International Criminal Court at the Hague ( ICC) to face criminal charges for keeping silence over mass killings of innocent and unarmed freedom fighters in different parts of the world, particularly the peaceful Biafran agitators.”
“Obama should be made to face criminal charges for refusing to stop the mass killing of Biafran agitators by security agents in Nigeria under the watch of his friend President Muhammadu Buhari.” “Obama should be made to account for the thousands of Biafran agitators massacred by security agents in Nigeria because he refused to condemn the atrocities and excesses of the oppressors across the globe.”
“Obama is fully aware of the daily killings and raids of Southern communities in Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen but never for one day condemned the atrocities because he has soft spot for Muslims. Men and women including children were slaughtered like cows by the rampaging herdsmen disguised as cattle rearers yet Obama never frowned at them. They ripped open the bellies of pregnant women killing both the mother and baby, yet Obama never condemned them because the perpetrators are Muslims.”
“Barack Obama reluctantly branded Boko Haram as terror organisation after they had massacred thousands of innocent souls, mostly Christians and Southerners in Nigeria. Islamic fundamentalists burn down churches and behead Christians without provocation yet Obama has never condemned their evil or pressurized his friend Buhari, the president of Nigeria, to call them to order.”
IPOB however, thanked Trump on the necessary move he made to stop the arm deal business between Brazilian government and Nigerian government, saying that “the arm deal business was to use it to kill unarmed IPOB and Biafrans who were doing peaceful protest against the illegal detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrians detained illegally in all the prisons and security cells across the country.”
“America has a divine mandate of being the police of the whole world but Obama abandoned this and pursued an unholy agenda. For this negligence of duty and conspiracy of silence, Obama should be made to answer for his in-actions at ICC.”
“IPOB dismissed those protesting Trump’s emergence as brainwashed and Islamised Americans and paid citizens of Americans who have lost understanding of the times and the grand plot of the Islamic world to gain control of America through Obama and Clinton.”

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