South African prophet sprays insecticide on members to ‘heal’ cancer and HIV

A “Prophet” from the in , , has been pictured using Doom (an insect killer) to heal his followers during a service and prayer meeting over the weekend.


Shared via the church and his alleged personal Facebook page, the prophet is seen spraying the chemical directly on their faces and body parts, in order to heal them.

There was outrage on SA social media after photos emerged of him spraying the chemical directly on people’s faces and body parts during a service and prayer meeting over the weekend.

Rabalago has now revealed why he uses such a dangerous ‘healing’ method.

Speaking to today, he claims that the insect killer is to to heal people with cancer, HIV or any other illness. According to him, he prays over it first like some people who use oil or water for blessings.

On the number of people he has used the insecticide on so far and how many were healed, Rabalago said: “Many People. On Friday (during the service), we used doom on the whole congregation. Some in the mouth, others in the eye. There were many. I can’t estimate. Maybe more than a hundred.”

On why he picked the insect Killer Doom as opposed to other things, Rabalago said: “Doom is like water because we are spiritual people.”

On whether he considers the danger of the chemical spray to the eyes and pother body parts, he said: “With us, we believe in God is for all things. People are getting their deliverance.”

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