Trying to Cast Evil Spirits out, Female Pastor Starves 2 yr-old to Death

Araceli Meza (WWWN)
Araceli Meza (WWWN)

A , Araceli Meza, has been arrested on murdercharges as well as causing serious injury to a child after allegedly starving a young boy to in order to out demons from him, reports Texas Police.

The Balch Springs Police arrested the 49-year-old Meza after a resurrection ceremony she haled to bring back the boy to life proved abortive.

The county sheriff’s office reports that the police was tipped after the boy’s parents secretly took the boy’s dead body to their home country of Mexico, for burial.

Witnesses told police that Meza and the boy’s parents thought he had a demon inside him, and that fasting was a way to save him.

The child was not fed for about 25 days with only water given to him intermittently, which ultimately caused the infant’s death.

Meza then held a resurrection ceremony which failed to revive the child.

By the time police arrived at the boy’s home, the parents had already left to Mexico. A witness said that the mother of the child was advised that it was the will of God to starve the child.

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