Venezuela urges World leaders to stop Donald Trump’s economic blockades

The Venezuelan Government has called on World Leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to stop Trump’s illegal sanctions of Economic blockade on , Cuba and other countries.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela urges World Leaders to stop Trump's economic blockades

Ms Lidice Altuve, Director, Coordination of Culture and Solidarity of the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja.

She spoke to NAN on the sidelines of the 6th African Continental Conference of Solidarity with Cuba holding in Abuja from Sept. 23 to Sept. 25.

Altuve said that the call from the Venezuelan government to the UN was a bid to protect the sovereignty, democracy, human rights of the people of Venezuela and Cuba.

She said that the delegation from Venezuela to the Conference was to join voices with that of Cuba in a global solidarity to stop the U.S economic blockade imposed on Cuba for over sixty years and recently on Venezuela.

“We came in this delegation to participate in this African Continental Conference of Solidarity with Cuba and we are representing our government here.

“It is a platform where twenty nine African Countries are working in solidarity with Cuba and one of the expected outcomes of the meeting is specific solidarity with Cuba from Africa.

“This meeting is a common struggle against the economic blockade of Cuba, fundamentally in two key points including to denounce criminal blockade against Cuba.

“And secondly is the legitimate demand of Cuba territory of Guantanamo illegally occupied by the U.S Military.

“Venezuela is joined to this group and talking about this blockade not just on Cuba but to Venezuela which is a violation of the international rule of law and the human rights.

“Venezuela and Cuba are under attack, we are a victim of unconventional war against our government, our political system and the UN Assembly will be the place where we defend our sovereignty, our peace, political system.

“This economic measures against our countries is above the international rule of law and a violation of our rights.

“Nigeria is very powerful in solidarity movement and always on the front line playing a special role in this kind of movement especially from the labour movement, that is why we appreciate Nigeria’s support.

Altuve said that Venezuela was a peaceful country and can resolve its problems without the intrusion from countries like the U.S, adding that there was already a peaceful resolution with the government and opposition groups.

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Also speaking to NAN, Ms Anahi Arizmendi, Director, Bicentenary Front of Women in Venezuela, said that the conference was an important forum for Venezuela to show its support to Cuba because of their historical ties.

Arizmendi said that was important for the United Nations to rule against U.S economic blockade on other countries and to tag it a criminal action against people.

She said explained that if one county is allowed to governise the world with actions like this, it would make the world ungovernable.

“For the Venezuelan Woman Movement, this conference is very important because we are very grateful to Cuba, with all the social support that they gave to our revolution.

“That is why when there is a solidarity meeting with Cuba, Venezuela will be there because we have a historical relationship.

“We have deep relations with all the countries of Africa and because women are constitutors of peace, we build peace, we do not want war in the World.

“So when we see aggressive actions of the government of the United States not only to Venezuela but against the world, women are in the front line so we are calling for the respect of the International Law.

“What happened now is very dangerous and when you block countries like Venezuela, that is why we also come to this meeting because we are both countries that have been criminal blocked and it has affected our nation.

“And affect principally woman because woman is the maker of the family, so now the blockade makes it difficult to get access to food, health and we have to work together and raise our voices to the United Nations.

“Blockade is not only violating woman rights but a humanity crime and that is why it is important for the people to know the truth of our nation and in the case of Venezuela, we are a peaceful people.

In his remarks, Mr Jhonny Gutierrez, Coordinator, Pan-African Movement of Venezuela said that the historical relations with Cuba, Venezuela and the African Continent cannot be overemphasized.

Gutierrez explained the relationship as the reason for the solidarity of Africa against the human crimes of the U.S against Cuba and Venezuela which has affected the people and economy of both countries.

He commended Africa’s support for Venezuela and Cuba at such a trying time adding that the relations between the countries of the Caribbean and the African Continent would continue to wax stronger.

NAN reports that on Oct. 19, 1960, the U.S placed an economic blockade on Cuba and on Aug. 6, President announced the total U.S economic blockade of Venezuela

With the U.S economic blockade, all entities within the United States, whether individual or government are prohibited from engaging in any economic, commercial or financial transaction with Cuba and Venezuela. (NAN)

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