Woman spends more on Christmas presents for her dogs, than boyfriend

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A woman has admitted spending £1,250 on presents for her dogs this Christmas – more than her own boyfriend.


Vikki Jose, 26, spoils four-year-old Harvey and two-year-old, Lola during the festive season. Vikki, of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, has spent over £10,000 on her beloved dogs over the last four years.

And she happily admits to spending more on her mutts than her boyfriend of three years, Jack Cassidy, 26, a car body painter.


The healthcare assistant told Daily Mirror

“My friends and family think I’m mad when it comes to my dogs.”But I don’t see them as dogs, I see them as humans stuck in dogs’ bodies. To me they are my children and the most special thing in my life. People might say that spoiling my dogs this much is excessive, but I think it’s fine. Seeing their faces light up when I give them a new toy or treat is worth every moment.

“People spend thousands on their children at Christmas, so why not a pet?

“Harvey and Lola are like my children so I don’t see the difference.”


Incredibly, Vikki has splashed £1,250 on festive gifts for Harvey and Lola, compared to £700 on her boyfriend.

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