One Night With The King – Feet Washing Service (Winners Chapel – 6 Apr 2018)


Bishop David Oyedepo

Wisdom from above makes Highflyers

God’s word is God’s wisdom in Print
Luke 11:49
Operating God’s wisdom is the high way to our high places.
Gods word is the custodian of God’s wisdom.

Serving God is Gods wisdom for our desired change of Story.

You don’t beg to be begged, you serve to be blessed.

Serving God is our access to that war free zone.

Serving God’s Interest is a guarantee to a world of Supernatural Breakthrough. Job 1:8
Job 42:16

This is what makes serving God as a lifetime the most profitable way to live. Mathew 6:33

Serving God as a lifetime will turn any believer to a living wonder. 2 Corinthians 6:9
John 21:17
Every true lover of Jesus serves him with utmost delight.
Going after the lost.

Every true lover of Jesus ends up a high flyer,

Everyone truly in love with Jesus

Psalm 23:5, Proverbs 23:26,

A servant is one who is committed to serving the interest of His Master.
You don’t have to carry the title to serve Jesus, God never rewards status, He rewards Service.

Serving God is God’s highest Level of Wisdom. It puts you in charge of All Other Things. Luke 10:17

The Wisdom behind this Mystery of spiritual stewardship

=> You simply serve your way to your next promotion
Luke 19:17,

=>We don’t beg for breakthrough, we serve out ways to breakthrough. Luke 5:7

=> we don’t cry, we serve our way into the realms of every prosperity, Psalm 35:27, Job 36:11, Luke 22:35 – serve your way into the realms of lacking nothing.

=>we don’t cry to be healed and live a healthy life, we are healed by faith and the health is sustained by serving, Exodus 23:35
Everybody serving God is entitled to healthy living. Proverbs 13:17
We are not healthy by knowledge, strength or power, it is by God’s integrity. It is due to our covenant with God by service to live a healthy life.

=> we don’t cry to be favoured in the kingdom, we serve to be favoured by Him. psalm 103:13, psalm 102:15
Serve your way into irresistible, unchallengeable favour. Psalm 44:3
When God favours a man, forget about the devil

=> you don’t cry to be free from the wickedness of the wicked, you serve your way to liberty. Exodus 4:23, when you are out to serve God, God is Out to set you free.

5 Major ways we are called to Labour in this revival time
=> a. we know that a revival is a labour demanding season for every sensitive believer. Haggai 2:3-4, 2 Cronicles 15:7
Kingdom advancement labour – Mathew 6:11, Mathew 6:13 – Praying Kingdom advancement prayer – Luke :7, Isaiah 66:8, Luke 11:21-22, Mathew 6:10 – 1 Timothy 6:10, 2 Peter 2:9, 1 Timothy 2:4.
=> b. The Soul Winning Labour, Luke 10:9/:7
John 4:36 – we are called to Labour in the soul winning harvest field.
Soul winning is every believers ministry, John 14:52.
=> c. Offering Compelling invitation to the Unsaved, Bringing them to church for the Salvation of their Souls and their Breakthroughs. Luke 14:23/:17
=> d. Soul establishment labour, Colossians 4:12 – Acts 15:36 – Committed to seeing people established in the Faith by going again and again. –
=> e. Financial Labour – Zechariah 1:17 – He prospers His people to advance His kingdom.
Financial fortune in the kingdom is entrusted not achieved. Financial fortune is entrusted primarily for kingdom promotion and expansion. Haggai 1:3-10.

Be sensitive to the opportunities of this season. Luke 7:6

When you favour the matter of His kingdom with your resources, He Multiplies them back to you. Psalm 35:27
1 John 1:1
Nothing changes without obedience.

You require a prayer backup before you go preaching for maximum delivery.

Bishop David Oyedepo

What happens in celebration praise is the invocation of divine presense
Isaiah 44:1
Hebrews 7:1

The word we hear, receive and believe is the word we are empowered to become..

We serve a God of sudden rewards…
Psalm 126.1. Habakkuk 2.3

Serving God is a Choice but more than a choice
You must serve Him comitedly,
You must serve Him diligently,
You must serve Him dedicatedly, John 12.24-26, 1 Corinthians 9:25-26
You must serve Him sacrificially, Luke 12.49-50
You must serve Him tirelessly, Galatians 4.1-2

You are meant for the throne at His appointed time, and when you are due for that enthronement, you will not be denied.

Comittment is the price tag of every accomplishment
It is this do it yourself that establishes great destinies….

We serve a God of sudden rewards – 2 Chronicles 16.9, Ecclesiastes 11.3
When your cloud is full, your rain will fall.
2 Kings 4.16-17

When your cloud of stewardship is full, your rain of reward will full.


=> the destiny of every child of God is a most elastic one. Deuteronomy 28.1, Deuteronomy 7.22, Proverbs 4.18

Where you stop obeying He stops lifting you. Micah 2:10
Right Thinking, Scriptural Thinking, Scriptural Speaking and Scriptural Actions.
Proverbs 14.12
The World can’t catch up with us because His ways are Higher than their ways.

There is no limit on the destiny of any believer. John 14.12
Connect with the lifestyle of obedience to any commandments of scripture.
Deuteronomy 28:1-13, Esther 6.1. Genesis 39.22 – We don’t pray to be enthroned, we serve our way to the throne. Luke 19:17
Mathew 20:21-22

The cup of service, the baptism of sacrifice.
We can’t get on the throne without service.
Philippians 2.9
Enthronement is a function of acceptable profitable stewardship. 1 Corinthians 15:10
It is the quality of our labour that determines the quality of our future.

You don’t pray to be enthroned, you serve your way to the throne, from one level to the next. Luke 22. 28-30

We are in a time of visitation, there for we must stay awake to the reality of this Divine visitation. Ephesians 5.14

Anyone that misses His time of visitation suffers devastation as a consequence
Luke 19:42-44, SOS 5.1-10

1 Corinthians 15.58, Mathew 24:46, Habakkuk 3.19,

We are in the midst of a great revival, the engagers are first partakers of the blessings of the revival – 2 Timothy 2:6, Exodus 3.2
Mathew 6.33

Everyone that got enthrone by God, got enthroned serving, on duty.
Mathew 20.24-27


Bishop David Oyedepo

John 1:8, John 21:17, Romans 8.20, Philippians 1:7,

Working His work Keeps things working for us. John 9.4, John 4.34-35, Luke 22:35, Luke 10.7, Luke 10.17-19,

Working His Work keeps you under His blessings. John 4.36, Mark 16:20, Romans 8.31, Psalm 114.3,

Working His work secures His presence –

Seeking first the kingdom of God makes sure all things work for our Good and keeps working for us.
Mathew 6.33

You don’t run out of favour working His work,
Serving God is not a gift, neither is it a special calling, it is a choice. Joshua 24.15

How shall we work the Work of God?
John 6.29 – Believe Him that it He says to Do It, He has empowered you to do it. Every divine task is only deliverable by faith.

Every divine task requires divine hand for delivery, 1 kings 8:15/24, Isaiah 53.1

Faith is a fundamental requirement for delivery of any task. It is by faith we deliver divine agenda.

Haggai 2.8, Malachi 3, Luke 22
We walk His Work by faith.

Luke 12.48, God knows what grace He has lavished in your life, and He knows what to expect back.

Hebrews 11.7/11
You don’t believe you can’t see His hand, you don’t see His hand, you cannot Deliver His task. Exodus 23.25

Philemon 1.8

Every covenant individual is permitted to make decrees.


Bishop David Oyedepo
God speaks according to His capacity to Perform. 2 Kings 7:1-2

=> James 2.18-9 – it is in the doing that faith is validated.

What you don’t believe never comes to pass.
John 13:4-8, John 13.8, John 19:9

=> Feet washing is a Mystery to deliver your part in Christ.

=> feet washing is meant to cleanse us, John 15.3, Ephesians 5.26, Luke 10.19

=> Prophetic Illustrations
Hosea 12.10, Exodus 15.35,
Exodus 14.27/:28,

We Serve a God of instant intervention
Deuteronomy 32.24-25, John 15:3
Revelation 5 12
7 fold redemptive blessings delivered to us by Christ

Proverbs 10:22, Psalm 66:7

Transcribed by Akonedo Jeffrey,

ICT Unit, YAFuwasota, Edo State

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