Pell – “Flight” (ft. Dave B) [Audio, Lyrics]

Pell - Flight (ft. Dave B)

Pell unveils a new Dave B-featured piece titled “Flight”. Get the song and read the lyrics.

Pell Flight
Pell Flight

Pell has been putting on for New Orleans for quite some time now and over the last decade, he has been consistent with his releases. The artist knows how to put a groove together in his tracks, and in a few weeks from now, he will return with a new album called Floating While Dreaming II. This follow-up to his 2014 debut promises to be special, and it comes with a brand new song with Dave B called “Flight.”

This track has some funky vibes to it as we are met with some driving bass and a hypnotizing flow from Pell who truly shines all throughout the track. “Flight” is one of those songs that you can get lost daydreaming to as the vibe just puts you at ease while bringing you to a whole new headspace.

Pell – Flight (ft. Dave B)




[Verse 1: Pell]
Imma do half I’m just tryna move slow
You could do the rest, for we take it all to go
Been in here before, 8th time is the charm
Got a watch on my arm, but the hands look froze
Take a night trip, ’til we both just coast
Take a hit of this let your mind just float
Paris, New Orleans, Amsterdam, on the road
Living on the vibes, we don’t gotta head home
Draped up in free clothes
Leave the worries at the crib, we don’t need those
Love the weed talk
We got three rolled
Uber through the city
Cause you know that we throwed
Skrrt, skrrt
I’m back to beast mode
Never, beep beep
Green lights we keep going
The feelings on your mind keep showing

[Pre-Chorus: Pell]
Just enjoy the flight
Just enjoy the ride
Just enjoy the ride
[Chorus: Pell]
Green lights
Good weed
Get high
No wings
Green lights
Good weed
Get high
No strings

[Verse 2: Dave B.]
Bout that time of day he get restless
Ten steps back bass bump it’s skill fretless
How could I be upset in LA weather
She got skin like butter she been a product of heaven
And I been auto pilot since I met you
That’s no bread down and I still get [?]
It’s a war on anybody that intrude
Had to fight to allow the blessings to get through

[Bridge: Pell]
I feel it head to my toes
From the roof to the floor
In my brain yeah it float
You know how that go
Just enjoy the ride
I feel it head to my toes (Green lights)
From the roof to the floor (Good weed)
(Get high, no wings)
In my brain yeah it float (Green lights)
You know how that go (Good weed)
(Get high, no strings)
[Outro: Pell]
Green lights
Good weed
Get high
No strings

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