Rah Swish – 50 Bars, Pt. 4 (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Rah Swish - 50 Bars, Pt. 4 (prod. H20)

Rah Swish releases the fourth part to “50 Bars”. Listen, stream, buy, watch the video, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by H20.

Rah Swish 50 Bars, Pt. 4
Rah Swish 50 Bars, Pt. 4

You may remember Rah Swish from his many collaborations with the late Pop Smoke but the Brooklyn rapper deserves the recognition of his own.

He’s easily one of the more talented and consistent rappers in the Brooklyn drill scene, with his latest Woo Forever project showcasing his lyrical prowess and classic New York spitter sensibilities.

His deep bass-heavy voice gives him the same sort of authority that Pop’s had, demanding your attention and cutting through the mix like a bulldozer.

Over a chilling, skittering drill beat, Rah sends warnings to the opps and shouts out fellow Brooklynites Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow, who have also been doing their thing this year.

We may have lost Pop Smoke, but there’s no shortage of talent in Brooklyn to continue his legacy.


Rah Swish – 50 Bars, Pt. 4 (prod. H20)

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Nine shots in the Ruger
I step on the court they like, “watch the shooter”
Look (Woo)

One thing for sure, two things for certain (Two things for certain)
I’m in my Birkin (I’m in my Birkin), these niggas clowns belong in a circus (Yeah)
Wavin’ the pole like a phone with no service (Brrrrrt)
Opp nigga funeral shoot up the service (Shoot up the service)
I’m tryna help him see Jesus in person (Yeah)
Snatchin’ these [?] like niggas was lootin’
So wild look like bitches when they snatchin’ purses (Ayy)
NBA, FG, please don’t test me, homie I’m harder than global [?]
If he ain’t gang it’s ten K and better, other than that I don’t do features (I don’t)
Dior runners, heat for the summer (Let’s go)
Sun up, gun up, kick like [?]
They on my dick so I’m droppin’ they shit if you wanted a answer then that shit summed up (That’s it)
Seen some situations where they could’ve finished but it’s obvious them niggas rookies
Homie I’m real aggressive and I’m always with it, you could try I ain’t never been pussy
All of these opp niggas makin’ diss records, if I see ’em don’t shoot ’em, I’m chin checkin’ (Yeah)
Bitch my name hold weight like I’m bench pressin’, they all mad at the Woos ’cause we trendsettin’
I don’t fuck with niggas that fuck with niggas that, say they don’t fuck with me
I’m not these other niggas, I don’t love these bitches, baby, don’t put your trust in me (Yeah)
I only needed some company (Yeah), after I’m done you up and leave
You better pray in a church, it’s a whole lotta smoke if you think about touchin’ me
I know Tony the Ape gon’ boom ’em (Boom ’em)
Big NBA we known for shootin’ (Shootin’)
Fuck with my locs it’s no confusion
Shout out to Sleepy and Sheff they movin’ (Hol’ on)
R-A-H, same wish, I’m movin’ flagrant
Tom Ford, she said she feelin’ the fragrance (She do)
Encore, after the movie we makin’ (Look)
I call my youngings to score like Tatum
Hot nine this ain’t not radio station
Cock mine after I up it he [?]
Stop sign, no we ain’t stoppin’, we take it (Hol’ up)
She fell in love ’cause the dick was amazin’ (Yeah)
Niggas be pussy and tuckin’ they jewelry (Yeah)
I’m in the bush and I spin with the [?] (Yeah)
Full court press if I go pick [?] up (What?)
I been outside it ain’t shit they could do with me (Hol’ up)
Signed for some teeth, you ain’t get a big check (Ha)
Shoot up the [?] party, make a big mess
‘Cause I’m with a opp nigga baby momma (Yeah)
She suck my dick and you callin’ her princess (Tell me)
She eat the kids and you still go and kiss her (Tell me)
Bands in LA like Kawhi on them Clippers (What?)
Six pack give ’em six shots to his liver (Baow)
Why would you lack sellin’ weed in some slippers? (Ha, look)
Why would you lack sellin’ weed in some slippers? (Hahaha)

Pick ’em up
Pick ’em up
Shots for anybody, pick ’em up
Look, look, look, look

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