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Recent Study Say You Cant Get Addicted To P0rn

ad_145832572-740x431 Recent Study Say You Cant Get Addicted To P0rnThis is definitely going to make the day of all those that like to watch… ahem… adult videos.

A new study carried out S.exual psycho-physiologist Nicole Prause has claimed that you cannot get addicted to p0rn the same way you can to drugs or alcohol.

Research published in the journal Biological Psychology has found that watching ‘blue movies’ does not elicit the same response in the brain as other addictive substances.

According to Prause, ‘The findings provide clear evidence that p0rn does not look like other addictions

122 men and women were examine – 55 of whom said they had a problem with p0rn0graphy.

The volunteers were shown images that were categorised as pleasant, neutral and unpleasant.

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Half of the pleasant photos were erotic.

Researchers found that ‘p0rn addicts’ showed a lower, not higher, preference for sexually explicit images.

‘The size of the “late positive potential” reflects the intensity of an emotional response,’ added co-author Dean Sabatinelli, associate professor at the University of Georgia.