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Uber to unveil next-generation self-driving Volvo car

Uber Technologies Inc on Wednesday will unveil its newest Volvo self-driving car in Washington as it works to eventually deploy vehicles without drivers under some limited conditions. Uber said the new production XC90 will be assembled…

Uber to launch Helicopter rides in New York

Uber is not the first to bring this service to NYC, however — and it's not the cheapest. Starting this summer, some NYC Uber riders will be able to call a helicopter to John F. Kennedy International Airport via the ride-share app.…

Rapper, Iceprince becomes first Nigerian to ride in Uber

""The Vegas of Africa” or “Africa’s Big Apple” is Africa’s commercial powerhouse; it’s also all about the flamboyant dressing, the unique mannerisms, the boisterous interaction among complete strangers who on meeting immediately feel…

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