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The Popular Nokia 3310 was 15yrs old Yesterday

nokia 3310

"The Nokia 3310 is a GSM mobile phone announced on September 1, 2000,[1] and released in the fourth quarter of the year, replacing the popular Nokia 3210. The phone sold extremely well, being one of the most successful phones with 126 million units sold worldwide.[2] The phone has since received cult status and is still widely acclaimed today."

Several variants of the 3310 have been released, including the Nokia 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390 and 3395.

I am Sure You Remember this piece of gadget, at least you heard of it... Unbreakable as some call it, O Jabo Ko Fo as some others call it, add your nick names for it below in the comment box

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