Nathan Horch’s ‘Father of Nations’ movie set for release in Alberta

Date 2019-09-30

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Alberta is playing host to a world class epic film on post-apocalyptic journey which, according to the producers, was conceived over a decade ago by Writer/Producer Nathan Horch.

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A press release, announcing the event and which was sent to P.M.NEWS, informed that “Throughout development, Horch has built a rich world and tone using music. In 2017, Nathan composed an original soundtrack for Father of Nations which has been used to onboard cast and crew and even played on set though-out development.”

The film is depicting a global suffering of “catastrophic event”, the world apparently going into extinction, and a frustration of humanitarian attempts at reversing the trends.

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“Albertan filmmakers Aleisha Anderson and Nathan Horch are hitting the ground running with their first feature film, capturing this powerful story. Father of Nations begins principal photography mid-September, and the team plans to shoot all over Alberta from the growing film-centric to Calgary, to the smaller, gorgeous Canadian vistas like Hilda and Brooks. Anderson and Horch’s local production company Thousand Year Films is teaming up with WarChest Productions Inc (the team behind the locally shot Netflix feature, El Chicano) for this massive, ambitious undertaking.” The release read.

In synopsis, the film makers dropped this from the captivating story:

“While clinging to their last hope, a group of survivors wander the wasteland, confronted by ravagers, and a dying world that can no longer sustain them. Some believe that their final hope to rebuild waits for them, that it is their duty to continue; while others believe that the last chapter has already been written.”

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The shooting of Father of Nations

According to the release, “Director Aleisha Anderson is obsessed with the old and abandoned, beautiful decay as the natural world and time take over; the story of a life once lived. In this character piece she brings a focus to connective characters and layered storytelling where meaning is infused into every conversation, set, location and moment. And bringing a combined total of two decades of film experience to the project, there is no other place Thousand Year Films would rather film than Alberta.”

Cast of the must watch film include Horch; Kyra Macpherson (Bright Hill Road, Hudson on CBC, Red Letter Day); Griffin Cork (Abracadavers, Heartland, The Black Donnellys); and Reamonn Joshee (Wynonna Earp, True Fiction, Jonesin’).

The production company also commended the Albertan communities which it said gave instrumental supports to the cast when they experienced an inferno during development of one of their primary locations.

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