B.o.B – Ted Talk (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-10-27

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Off the forthcoming Anti Matter project by B.o.B comes the music video for the “Ted Talk” song. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

B.o.b Ted Talk

B.o.b Ted Talk

“Nothin’ On You” rapper, B.o.B releases a new diss track entitled “Ted Talk,” on which he revisits his remarks about the earth being flat, while calling out folks like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Charlamagne Tha God and Lil Duval who publicly made fun of his unconventional perspective.

In the video, B.o.B. converses with alter-ego Bobby Ray as he expresses his regret for going public with his flat-earth ideology. The 33-year old star also mentions in the song that he was pitched his own series by CBS, but ultimately declined due to his wokeness.

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The hang dynasty

B.o.B, why the fuck you say the earth was flat?
I mean you threw your whole career away and than just fade to black
You just gon’ disappear and not address the elephant
Man get back to the elements, this new shit irrelevant
I mean you ain’t even gotta ask you already know
I came across some information and I wanted to show
I went to twitter with a picture thinking niggas would get it
And the complex wrote a article to try to embarrass us
If I knew this shit was gon’ blow up and ruffle these feathers
I would’ve kept it to myself, gave Eric Dubay the credit
Astronauts was talking shit like they was tryna pull up
I took a step than looked around the world was angry as fuck
I mean bro, we could’ve played it off like it was all just a joke
When Stephen Colbert invited us should’ve went there and spoke
[?] all the traction try to give us a show
But no you turned all of that down ’cause you was tryna be woke
First of all, don’t call me woke, I seen the shit that was plotting
They put Neil Tyson on TV to put a mockery of it, yo
These shows be owned by Viacom and they friends
Why would I walk into the lions den, sit and pretend
Like they ain’t threatened by my mind ’cause I ain’t gon’ comply
I mean if I said the sky was purple would’ve that been such a crime
Charlamagne the God and lil Duval tried to tarnish my image, could’ve just gave me a call
The whole music industry was rooting for me to fall
Nigga couldn’t even go on tour the venues wouldn’t let me perform
I mean you could’ve quit while you’re ahead you ain’t have to make Flatline
And a part two? You’re just asking for a bad time
You probably shouldn’t said all that shit about the holocaust
Well ok, and now the label is conspiracy theorist, comma, anti-semitic
Well they protesting shows, colleges canceling shows
Radio stations boycotting and then they just pulled all my songs
I ain’t mean to ‘fend my fans I was just asking questions
So many people in my ear, under all types of pressure
Even bla- niggas was mad at me for questioning slavery
The root magazine told lies on me flagrantly
Bill Nye, Tucker Carlson said you don’t even science
How the fuck you gon’ smack me built like Joe [?]
All I asked was why I never seen the slave ship
And they turned it into “B.o.B said slavery don’t exist”
Yo, they had NASA in my shows, passing out flyers
CNN sent undercover cops just to inquire

That’s that TED talk
Oompa loompa gobledy doo
I pulled up and then I just left with your swoope
Oompa loompa gobledy quork
This is what happen when you try to name [?] cocaine

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