Dreezy – “BeatBox Bday Freestyle”

Date 2021-03-29

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Dreezy unveils the visual to track titled “BeatBox Bday Freestyle” and produced by Damn E. Watch the video, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Dreezy Beatbox Bday Freestyle

Dreezy Beatbox Bday Freestyle

Although it was released in 2020, there’s a slow-burning success to SpottemGottem’s viral hit, “BeatBox.” It began with the JuneBug Challenge that put everyone onto the infectious track. Then, SpottemGottem unveiled the remix with Pooh Shiesty. However, the song’s gotten even bigger since then and it seems that just about everyone has tackled the beat (we’re still waiting on Lil Wayne to grace the track).

This weekend, Dreezy celebrated her birthday but she made sure to gift her fans some new music. She returned with her own freestyle to the SpottemGottem record. As expected, Dreezy flexes her lyrical muscle while putting on for her hometown of Chicago and putting these other rappers on notice.


(Damn E, this shit exclusive)

Might off yourself for a little huncho then my migos taking off (Migo)
New pack, smoke it like Covid
Guarantee it’ll make you cough
I put this tiger on his wood
Now he say he like playing golf (Mhm)
They keep eating up the drip, I ain’t even get to taste the sauce
What the fuck they really on?
Still the best like Giveon
Married money, not Christiana but my last name should be Milian (Million)
From the Chi Town, put my city on
Pretty jawn got bars, ain’t worried bout silly bonds (Never)
Bitches out here talking all that big shit till that stimmy gone
Need 8 figures in the bank to match my silhouette (Yeah)
Bragging bout that pussy
Heard he gotta beatbox just to get it wet
Real bitch down to the moan, I ain’t running if I can’t feel it yet
LOL, these bitches slow if they think we beefing on the internet
I get into that
All these bitches say they street, and they ain’t even got no block
How you real tryna come at Dreez, but still be praising all these thots?
These diamonds on me keep on dancing but they don’t do no Tik Tok
You ain’t no stepper, I send out shots
Turn your Balenciaga’s into Crocs
I’m a big dog like a dalmatian and she tryna take my spot
Thinking you tough off that Don Julio, we’ll send 42 shots
Told that nigga he don’t tote a rod then he can’t get inside of this box
I might seem like I’m Flavor Flav
I’m finna go buy a bigger clock (Bitch)
Stepping on these bitches like they roaches (Ugh)
We don’t fly, I’m coachless
I went from being posted, now I’m on posters (I’m up)
Your whole team light, need to fly all in your coaches
Chanel on all my broaches
Big facts in my raps, I ain’t even posted (Big Dreez)
Number 1 and not the 2, 3
New body up in a two piece
And paper like it’s loose leaf
And what? I do the most
5 star meal, come chew a goat
We cool, I don’t do the posting
I let em know that through the door (No pictures)
Want smoke? Then shoot the loaf
Got hitters but I ain’t too lit to blow
I got banks like I’m Desi, now come tell me who the joke?
In a brand new (?) yeah I’m talking bout 3 floor shit
Now they say we related
Bitch, I ain’t your sis!

Y’all ain’t my motherfucking kin
Bitch, y’all ain’t even my motherfucking friend
And like I been saying-
It’s Big Dreez to a little bitch
It been that, it’s still that
Big motherfucking problem (The real one)
You already know I got the gang with me
I hit the booth and I feel like-
I don’t even see y’all hoes, like where y’all at?
Where the fuck y’all at?
I don’t see you
Big Dreez in the motherfucking building
You know I’mma gonna talk my shit every time
My birthday in 5 days
It’s Aries season, bitch

Big Dreez

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