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Mpmania Mix 39

Ebhoni – “Goodaz (Gyalis remix)” [Lyrics, Video]

Ebhoni remixes Cappella Grey’s trending Gyalis track, tags the new song – “Goodaz”. Stream, watch video, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Ebhoni Goodaz

Ebhoni Goodaz

Summer 2021 had a few anthems that defined the season but none of them hit quite like Capella Grey’s hit record, “Gyalis.” The song has catapulted to fame in the past few weeks, running through club circuits and maintaining a steady rotation on satellite radio and DSP playlists. Of course, the success of the song has largely benefited from the number of remixes that have been released. A few weeks back, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie delivered a remix to the record while Tory Lanez doubled down as the “remix killa” when he dropped his version.

Now, Ebhoni, who recently dropped off Good Dick & Weed, returned with her rendition of the remix titled, “Goodaz.” The auto-tuned-tinged melodies merge with her R&B stylings for a smooth take on the viral hit.

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There’s always 2 sides
Let me tell you what I recall
Let me break it down for your boys since you wanna make it seem like it was more than what it was
Cus I ain’t really into all the polly
But let me jus tell y’all my story, yeah

I see him
I’m here with my besties
Mhm but he gon send sum 42 to my side
I know I had his friend but who’s telling him ooh
Left with him back to his crib
And I regret it
He tryna
Sneak sum vids of me
Then wanna ask like what we gon be
I’m like, “Oh, nah, i gotta go”
Ask me his govy, I swеar I don’t even fuckin’ know
They wanna know why thе mandem dey pon me?
Even if dem have gyallie dem mind stay pon mi?
They wanna know why dem love me off so much?
What is the reason?
Oh-oh, mmm, I’m just a vibe west end Gyal
Money for me every time whenever I
Pull up, he got designer bags when I walk in
He don’t waste no time, oh
He don’t want nobody else, I know
But I can’t be what he wants
They all have the same motive
Lova mons want me to themselves
But I’m a goodaz
From the city of Toronto
What I’ma do?
‘Cause I could have he and he and he
And they love them some me
I ain’t the shorty they gon’ say bye to
I ain’t the shorty that gotta lie boo
I ain’t the shorty that you should trust to speak on when you wit’ your people
‘Cause I can’t say your what I want
Cause I could have he and he and she
And they love them some me
Story telling boy to all em
Kno u ain’t want me to leave
And when I call u pick up on the first ring, uh
Ooh, he ready to leave his side tings
I hope he don’t tell a soul, no no
Mmm, boy, we grown
Life of a goodaz

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