Erica Banks – “Flow Queen 2” [Lyrics, Video]

Erica Banks - Flow Queen 2 (prod. Timbaland)

Female Hip-Hop act, Erica Banks premieres the visual for Timbaland-produced single titled “Flow Queen 2”. Watch the video, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Erica Banks Flow Queen 2
Erica Banks Flow Queen 2

Erica Banks is just about ready to blow. The 1501 signee has been riding high off of the success of “Buss It” which took over TikTok and Instagram a few months ago. The viral TikTok challenge positioned Banks to claim her stake in the rap game and it appears that she’s been riding out on this mission with tunnel vision.

Earlier today, the Texas rapper returned with her latest offering, “Flow Queen 2” where she put her lyrical abilities on display. The quick freestyle runs for a little over a minute but Banks unloads on her naysayers and doubters with a vengeance.


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Top notch, I ain’t never gotta prove nothing
Talk shit, but a hoe will never do nothing
Got a problem? Tell a hoe to come and do something
Saw me from the back and now their nigga wanna screw something
I’mma give it to you raw and I’mma give it to you good enough
Set us up a date
But I be cap, you know I stood him up
Bitches love the ghetto but the bitch ain’t never hood enough
Make one move and the motherfucker tooted up
Shaderoom post, neighborhood talk (Hm)
All up in my business like a neighborhood stalk (Hm)
I ain’t called back since they got me that jolt
Pussy good baby, yeah that’s my fault huh?
Everybody get to shaking when it’s crunch time
They don’t never see the money, I tuck mine
Beat it up like he was beating on a drumline
When they get to talking it be “I don’t give a fuck” time (Bitch)
My bag, yeah I carry that shit (Ooh)
Fine ass, wanna marry that bitch (On God)
High classy, you know it be expensive
Kick them other hoes up out the kitchen
And I
Been hard, I ain’t never had to show out
Shit stop when I pull up and I go out
10 cars, tell the nigga bring some more out
I’m the bitch they really wanna know bout

On God


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