Erica Banks – Funk Flex Freestyle (Video)

Date 2022-06-01

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On the 182nd freestyle episode on Funk Flex, female act, Erica Banks drops hard bars in the new video.

Erica Banks Funk Flex Freestyle

Erica Banks Funk Flex Freestyle

Topically, Erica is calling out the haters and challenging them to act as tough in person as they seem behind the screens. There’s the expected braggadocio: her success despite the struggles, her readiness to take on her detractors and keep rising in the industry, and her ability to steal your man at any given time. Still, Erica throws some sharp lines in there about jealousy, freeloading, and body image.

Erica just recently responded to a news platform saying she had changed since her come-up. While the artist was still appreciative of the support she had, she made it clear that she’s getting bigger and bigger and wants a genuine following, not people following her for something in return. If this Funk Flex freestyle is an indicator of anything, it’s that Erica Banks is likely to keep growing and keep making a name for herself in the rap world.

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Quotable Lyrics

Now I don’t fly, jam, and rap in Atlanta, that’s cappin’
They jammin’ my music, I heard it,
H*e, don’t be mad at my body, be mad at yourself
And be mad at this body I’m serving

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