Erica Banks – “Jump Off” E-MIX

Erica Banks - Jump Off E-MIX (Lyrics, Video)

yet again unveils the visual to the newest titled “”. Watch the video, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Erica Banks Jump Off E Mix
Erica Banks Jump Off E Mix

At the top of March, Erica Banks unleashed a melodic freestyle over another viral hit, Mooski’s inescapable “Track Star,” and now, the Texas rapper has returned with a freestyle that pays homage to the original Queen of Rap: Lil’ Kim. For her latest E-MIX, Erica Banks bodies the instrumental to Lil’ Kim’s classic 2003 single “The Jump Off,” and you can hear the hunger and passion throughout her two-minute freestyle.


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Erica Banks – “Ball If I Want To (E-Mix)” [Video]

Erica Banks - Ball If I Want To (E-Mix)


On God

First off, checkin’ in, I ain’t never checkin’ out
Every time I eat the beat, they be like: “Who you checkin’ out?”
This is rap, baby, I thought this is what the check about
Been the shit, I been legit, now take a pic to check me out
Teaser, you don’t need a breeder
Hope that I don’t play it ’til I made her a believer
He know he’s a cheater, he be all in my shit
I was talkin’ back, just how I know she can’t be my bitch
Bitch, please, I’m the motherfuckin’ B-I-C
Fuck a bitch, you got a problem? She can D-I-E
Flow retarded, see what I got, they come and see ’bout me
Got a ho that’s on my part, that come and see ’bout three
I am the school, I got the juice
Been ‘head the hoes and been ‘head the coupe
Kinda cocky, I ain’t humble when I say it
Try to move the house ’cause I am not the bitch to play with
Pussies follow me
I’m the bitch that everybody wanna be
And I’m the bitch that everybody wanna see
And I’m the bitch that everybody wanna freak
You can get it in the coupe
Been the one and I ain’t never number two
Beat it up, just come and put me in the booth
Who mad at me ’cause I’m the motherfuckin’ truth?
You can get it

And I done did it, what’s the motherfuckin’ gain?
Bitch, everytime you see me, I’ma be a motherfuckin’ ten
And, bitch, don’t ever play with me and my motherfuckin’ pen
You get what I’m sayin’?

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