Geko – Investment 3Style (Lyrics, Video)

Geko - Investment 3Style (prod.

Geko is back again with “Investment 3Style”. Watch the official music video, read the lyrics to the song.

Geko Investment 3style
Geko Investment 3style

Geko has been in the game for a few years, and like most artists, he’s evolved with time. He’s more refined and mature but sometimes, fans hope to hear the same vibes he gave to them when they first started tuning in. Luckily, he gave just that with his latest offering, “Investment 3Style.” In under three minutes, the UK vocalist comes through with a melodic freestyle, providing fans with insight into his life from things to the romantic side of things to issues in the streets that he’s faced. The smooth, airy production gives him all the room in the world to open up, and he evidently used that to his advantage.

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Quotable Lyrics
Who’s she foolin’? Look at what God come and blessed her with
She ride with me, the diamonds give her friends an epileptic fit
When my bro was there, I never run away from beef
But when the guns were aimed at me, I run away from teeth
15 with piece in a manbag, I run from police


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