Junglepussy – Critiqua (Lyrics, Video)

Read the lyrics and watch the official music video for Junglepussy’s new song titled “Critiqua”.

Junglepussy Critiqua

Junglepussy Critiqua

It’s been roughly eight years since Junglepussy made her formal debut with the release of Satisfaction Guaranteed. However, she’s continued to carve her own lane and reinvent herself with every release, proving that she’s an excellent wordsmith that spices up each bar with personality. After releasing JP4 last year, Junglepussy has announced that she’ll be sliding through with a new EP this Friday.

Kicking off the campaign for JP5000 is her new single, “Critiqua,” which serves as the first song on the tracklist. Junglepussy invites fans into her psychedelic world through an introspective lens and laidback production.

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Bitches love to critique
They just swear they unique
Hold the media standards [?]
Bitches can’t even see, eyelash on fleek
You ain’t talkin’ to me, you must be talkin’ to these niggas
Show my ass on the beat
Know they asses, they cheap
Ain’t a damn thing discrete, the name Junglepussy
They can’t entangle with me
Think everything’s string theory
Who you gon’ blame?
Play that banjo, baby
Ain’t a damn thing a man think gon’ drive me crazy
I be damned in the sand, so wet, so wavy
These words for your neck
Don’t stress me, baby
And you deserve what you get
That tongue audacious
I learned from the best, you just heard ‘bout they shit
Earn my respect, held down the day shift
Pregnant with success
And you know what they did?
Tryin’ to test something so sacred
They can’t assess nothin’ i’m sayin’
Big in my chest
You press to kiss my lips
Blowin’ the sess, flowin’ the technology
Golly, I just want the knowledge, not the D
Don’t project your problems on top of me
Don’t you wanna be? Don’t you just wanna be?
Off the web, off the dev, off the tree
To the left, it’s a dub, hit the streets
To my next, to my blessings, my peace

Date 2022-02-02

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