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Mpmania Mix 39

Logic – Maybach Music (Lyrics, Video)

Logic records the 6ix-produced “Maybach Music” inside his newly acquired $325,000 Maybach. Watch the video of his performance.

Logic Maybach Music

Logic Maybach Music

Rapper, Logic unveiled his latest single, which was recorded in the backseat of a brand new Maybach that he purchased for $325K.” While it would’ve been a great opportunity for him to flaunt his wealth, Logic details the day-to-day struggle of common folk. Logic takes on soulful sample-based production while also showing love to some of hip-hop’s greats, such as J. Dilla and Cypress Hill.
Logic started to apply pressure at the beginning of the year. Just last week, he announced that he’s releasing a new album titled, College Park in February. The new project includes major collaborations beyond some of hip-hop’s favorites.

However, he does have a few heavy-hitters attached to the project like RZA, Bun B, Joey Bada$$, Fat Trel, Statik Selektah, and Redman. However, it’ll also include appearances from Norah Jones and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who Logic confirmed would be singing.

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M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music
What’s up y’all? It’s Logic, uh
Check-check-check, check-check-check-check
6ix on the motherfuckin’ beat
6ix on the whole album like shit boy
John like ”Go ‘head mo”, I’m from MoCo Maryland
Yeah, aight, we finna get it like this, here we go
301, stand up
Work a job five days ’til your body’s on the weekend
And only get 48 hours, two days off
What you know ’bout that shit?
Yo, yo, ayo

If I had a, had a penny for my thoughts, then I’d be Elon Musk
Rappin’ from dawn ’til dusk, you know in Dilla we trust
The hits never went to my head, I was never concussed
Givin’ no fucks, bumpin’ Busta Genеsis
Waitin’ for the first of the month and all of its benеfits
Life been a bitch, chillin’ with Mad Eleven, tryna get richer
Rather get richer, fuck the paper talkin’, bigger picture
Comin’ to get ya, now let me hit ya wit’ that throwback
The illest memories, PS3 when grenades was gettin’ thrown back
Modern Warfare 2 at the favela
Was my escape when I wasn’t scrubbin’ floors like Cinderella
No glass slipper, pass me the mic, I go Jack The Ripper
I’m sicker than COVID-20, fuck all the money
I’m doin’ the hoppin’, doin’ it, ain’t nobody takin’ it from me
I grew up five hundred and fifteen miles from Seven Mile
But this beat got me feelin’ slummy, dummy, ayo
I never passed 10th grade but I still get the rent paid
You fake, I be real like Cypress Hill, word to Muggs
You fake motherfucker, I can see through you
My game’s strong, you weak like five plus two
Bust through the door then rush through
Gettin’ this bread ’cause the people fuck wit’ it
Your whole shit’s stale, wouldn’t feed ducks wit’ it
I make firm decisions like a legend stater
My briefcase’ll turn your leather, my loafers is alligator
My bank account is greater but number, them numbers define me
Fuck rap, put it behind me, don’t try me, y’all too grimy
Smoking zigs after dark, call it Nic At Night
Spark the blunt, watch the Bic ignite, fuck your life
Think you could body me, bitch?
You couldn’t even limb me, I’m smokin’ dope like a chimney

6ix and Logic is 9
Flow is so divine, fuck wit’ us y’all, mhm
M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music
Hahahahaha, hehe
In the fuckin’ Maybach, bruh
And then it ends right there to the next track

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