Machine Gun Kelly – Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover) (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-01-27

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Machine Gun Kelly covers Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” track. The new song was co-produced by Machine Gun Kelly, Omer Fedi, BazeXX & SlimXX. Watch the music video and read the lyrics.

Machine Gun Kelly Swim Good

Machine Gun Kelly Swim Good

Machine Gun Kelly has gone through a career revival in the last few years, completely changing his narrative and seemingly giving up hip-hop to focus on his career in rock and pop punk. The 31-year-old superstar has also taken up a career in television and film, starring in a few different movies over the years. As he continues to reshape his sound, MGK has officially shared a new video cover of one of his all-time favorite songs, Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good.”

Sitting by the water and singing along to one of the songs that helped kick off Frank’s storied career, Machine Gun Kelly puts his own spin on the record. Singing over the Slim XX, Baze XX, and Omer Fedi-produced track, MGK adds some rock flare with frayed vocals and more attitude than Frank used in his version.

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[Verse 1]
Hey, That’s a pretty big trunk on my Lincoln town car, ain’t it? (Town car ain’t it, ain’t it)
Big enough to take these broken hearts and put ’em in it, yeah
Now I’m ridin’ ’round on the boulevard, trunk bleedin’ (Trunk bleedin’, bleedin’)
And everytime the cops pull me over, they don’t ever see them
They never see them
And I’ve got this black suit on (Suit on, suit on)
Ridin’ around like I’m ready for a funeral
Five more miles till the road runs out

I’m about to drive in the ocean
I’ma try to swim from somethin’ bigger than me
Kick off my shoes
And swim good, and swim good
Take off this suit
And swim good, and swim good

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox]
(Drowning in your holy water is a sick line)
I’m drowning in your holy water hold me under longer
Hold this rib that I gave you just don’t pierce my under-armour
Undercovers with a lying and she said her devil colored
Gun through the teeth at your brain If you’re thinkin’ bout another, bang
Same vintage leather jacket with secret pockets (Yeah)
Skeletons in my closet makes it a sleeker options (Yeah)
Fashion killer look inside you could see the coffins
The ‘caine ables me to function nice when my bodies stoppin’
I’m scarfaced, smokin’ in this bath water
My guitar case really just a cash holder (Hmm)
Got attached for the task force ready for a car chase
Nothing’s too fast for it yeah, yeah

I’m about to drive in the ocean (Drive in the ocean)
I’ma try to swim from somethin’ bigger than me
Kick off my shoes
And swim good (And swim good), and swim good (And swim good)
Take off this suit
And swim good, and swim good

(Swim good)

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