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Mpmania Mix 39

Movie : “The Voice” Produced By Nkeiru Sylvanus Is Set To Premiere On 13th Of July (Watch Trailer)

Nkeiru Sylvanus is set to Premiere her Movie on the 13th of July at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. Red carpet Starts at 5pm and screening at 7pm.

The Voice is a Thriller/ Adventure Movie, written and directed by Afe Olumowe, produced by Nkeiru Sylvanus. The movie stars : Nkeiru Sylvanus, Keneth Okolie, Daniel Lloyd, Betty Njoku Olumowe, Larry Morgan Briggs, Edward Fom and many others.

SYNOPSIS: Sandy (Nkeiru Sylvanus) had been told by a stranger named Jeremiah (Larry Briggs) that she will die in 90 days. To prove that she will truly die, he tells her three unusual events will precede her death. They all happened the way the stranger told her. On the 90th day, another stranger named Solonzo (Kenneth Okolie)turns up and wants her money and may be her life. So he kidnaps her and holds her hostage until he could assess the 10 million naira check she had given him. Would she have the wisdom to live with him and would he have the patience to keep her alive? It is just 5pm, they have till 12 midnight of the 90th day to decide that… Get ready to listen to the Voice, audible to only those who can listen…


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