Murda Beatz & YNW Melly – Banana Split (ft. Lil Durk) (Video)

Murda Beatz & YNW Melly - Banana Split (ft. Lil Durk) (prod. OZ & Murda Beatz)

Watch the video to and ’s “” song featuring . The song was co-produced by & Murda Beatz.

Murda Beatz & Ynw Melly – Banana Split
Murda Beatz & Ynw Melly – Banana Split

Murda Beatz and YNW Melly released their collaborative single “Banana Split” with Lil Durk several weeks ago and, without much of a chance to film a music video together, the trio opted for some animated looks.

The official video for “Banana Split” is out now, featuring the two rappers and their producer as animated versions of themselves. The trio of hooligans breaks into a palace and starts causing a ruckus, making a mess in the kitchen and crafting a banana split from scratch before parading through the closet for some jewelry and designer goods. Finally, they stumble upon an all-important room: the money vault.

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After fighting off some mafia dudes, the trio of artists packs up with dozens of money bags before needing to ward off even more incoming danger. Melly and Durk end up successful in their journey. As for Murda Beatz, he may have adopted the mansion as his own because he decided to stick around once the mission was complete.

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