Russ – LA Leakers Freestyle #125 (Lyrics, Video)

Read the lyrics, watch the video for the 125th version of Power 106 Los Angeles’ L.A. Leakers Freestyle as rapper, Russ raps in front of the series’ hosts, Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk over OutKast’s “Aquemini” Instrumental.

Russ La Leakers Freestyle #125

Russ La Leakers Freestyle #125

Coming through lock, loaded, and fully activated, Russ popped in to the LIFTOFF with the L.A. Leakers for his inaugural freestyle appearance with the 125th instalment of the Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk series. Wasting no time to come through swinging, before Russ opens his freestyle entry, the Jersey native taunts, “Come on, y’all are scared to rap!” Effortlessly sliding over legendary hip-hop group OutKast’s smooth and infectious “Amariqi” instrumental, Russ hit with bars quickly nodding to the holiday season, Beyonce’s mom, and of course he took time to boast on his skill. During the freestyle, Russ spits: “I’m the type that companies would give a five to / I’m not the type that women want to say goodbye to / But I’m about to fly to Dubai to do White you, thought I’m talking drugs, it’s a club with a sky view / After parties of arena shows, the expectations I exceeded those / I made the industry collapse like the Lehman bros, it’s because my mother birthed a legend like Tina Knowles” Russ delivered classic energy and etched himself into your Top 5!

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There’s not a day that I don’t show up, I don’t need a stand-in
Haters see me walk on water, say it’s ’cause I can’t swim
Y’all wonder why y’all can’t win, look at how y’all think
So if you can’t be the captain, you want all of us to sink?
Man I need all of us in sync, that’s the mission
You either see the vision or division, which one is it?
Hope you listen to the truth, not the poison that the game produces
Insecurities from fame that I attained through music
But I don’t make excuses
I’m still the same Russ that came and fucked the game up
This is still my canvas, I’m not giving up my paintbrush
Wake up, they look at us like stray pups
Give us deals then give us meals, we outside but we chained up
Shut us up, Fantasia, do all to entertain the
Masses while they asses never rapped or laid a bass drum, I say some’
‘Specially when I’m drinkin’ like a champ like Noreaga
Slip the knot, tie it around my hands like Corey Taylor
Story favors who tells it and who sells it
You may not like what I be sayin’ but you felt it
That’s usually how the truth goes, I’ma play forever, Albert Pujols
Angels all around me, they be sparklin’
Dodge her if she dances with the devil, that’s a cardinal sin
This game is puzzlin’ like Arthur Wynne
The car I’m in was your advance check
If you look away and then pull up your pants, I’m throwin’ hands next
Ain’t no damn refs, this ain’t no boxin’ ring, grow up
Since then your career has been rocky, Balboa, so uh
Leave me alone like Flipp Dinero
What’s a pyramid scheme to an Egyptian pharaoh?
I spit Valero, I whip Camaros, I know people who got sticks
They call ’em they little drummer boy
And when it gets cold, they at your door sinigin’ Christmas carols
Happy holidays
It’s just some shit to think about
Rockstar by looks, athlete by bank account
Pardon me for being hungry but I plan to kill
I ain’t really scared of going slow, I’m scared of standing still
Bitches spillin’ tea, I’m sipping chamomile
Tied in with vision like Tannehill, tend to see what can be real
Before their eyes do, I’m the type that companies are giving 5 to
I’m not the type that women wanna say goodbye to
But I’m ’bout to fly to Dubai to do White, you
Thought I’m talkin’ drugs, it’s a club with a sky view
After parties of arena shows
The expectations, I exceeded those
I made the industry collapse like the Lehman bros
It’s ’cause my mother birthed a legend like Tina Knowles
I heat the homes of the people with cold souls
And feed ’em from gold bowls, teach ’em to mold roads
That lead ’em to themselves, they just needed some guidance
Couldn’t hear myself think, I just needed some silence
Studio’s my asylum, I been locked in
You talk like you can do what I can do, so get hot then
Shut the fuck up talkin’ to me about it, ay
You can’t see me until you be about it
Pretty women love Russ, gon’ and read about it
Speakin’ of readin’, wrote a book and sold two hundred thousand
Haven’t met a mountain I can’t climb yet, that’s the mindset
How the fuck am I not top 5 yet? Y’all a mess

Date 2021-12-14

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