Stunna 4 Vegas – “BIG 4 Flow” [Lyrics, Video]

Stunna 4 Vegas - BIG 4 Flow (prod. Drewreligion & CMOFLEXX)

premieres the visual for “” co-produced by & . Read the lyrics, buy the song.

Stunna 4 Vegas Big 4 Flow
Stunna 4 Vegas Big 4 Flow

Stunna 4 Vegas – BIG 4 Flow (prod. Drewreligion & CMOFLEXX)

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(Fuckin’ with this from CMO’)
We ain’t miss, ayy, send somethin’ ’cause we ain’t seen him yet (This that old 4)
Too official like a ref
Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1]
I’m too official like a ref (Too official)
I get her wet like these diamonds ’round my neck (I get her wet, wet, wet)
These VV’s domestic violence, put that pussy on me (Uh), bet I beat the back (Uh, uh)
Tuck your taco, we ain’t touch his top (Top, top) and we ain’t seen him yet (Ha)
I’m too official (Yeah, yeah), blow the whistle (Yeah, yeah), my lil’ nigga out his mind
Steady tryna smoke a nigga, he say he ain’t tweakin’ ’bout no time
We fifty deep on stage like Sosa ‘nem, everybody throwin’ signs
Fuck the ‘net, won’t make no post or nothin’, we push up where you hidin’ (Come on)

Uh, they won’t come outside (Uh, I’m a killer, bitch-ass niggas when they do it)
Niggas, they won’t come outside, nah
They won’t come outside (They won’t come outside)
Yeah (On God), yeah, they won’t come outside (Won’t come outside)
Won’t come out
Swear, look

[Verse 2]
I fuck the bitch one time (Uh-huh)
Uh, she keep talkin’ ’bout bein’ my bride
No, pull her panties to the side (Thot)
She catch my kids when we catchin’ a vibe (Uh)
We stand on biz, won’t let shit slide
Know when I leave the crib, it’s do or die (Fire)
Catch a opp, give him a suit or tie (Fire, fire)
Nigga cut his tongue off if he testified (Fuck it)
I holler gang gang (Gang, gang), I’m on the same thing (4X)
When I ain’t with gang though (Ah ha), know I let my nuts hang (My nuts hang)
My chain swang just like these AKs (Boom-boom-boom, boom-boom)
Before the rap we was bangin’ shit out in broad day (Boom-boom)
Who I smoke? I can’t say (I can’t say)
They pick me up, I want speed (Uh-huh)
They piss me off, we go creep (Come on)
We leave shells on your street (Let’s go)
Five hundred rounds, we four deep (Come on)
She eat meat ’til I’m sleep (Eat, eat)
I pour Wock’, I get geeked (Baow)
Still in that field, no cleats
Play like he cut, we gon’ see (We gon’ see)
Ayy, bitch, it’s Big 4X (4X), I started all of that (I started all of that shit)
She mad ’cause I won’t call her back, I love the way she arch her back (I love the way you arch it, ho)
These niggas target practice (Ha), ain’t do shit when bro got turnt to gas (Fuck it)
Won’t nobody get no pass (Uh-uh), every chance we get, we on they ass (Ayy, get on)
This chopper kick, Karate class (Boom)
Swing that stick and hit, no hockey match
I don’t know why rats ain’t havin’ straps (Boom), he the one that thought me that
To keep the blick (Gang), uh, I can’t keep a ho, I bet I keep a stick (Gang)
On my bro, I ain’t finna go (Uh-uh)
You know what it’s hittin’ for (Yeah), we get the drop, then spin the lo’ (We spin his lo’, folks)
My lil’ youngins spend the night, deliver beef right through your door (Ayy, get here)
Just like the pizza man (Uh-huh), I give her good dick, then tell her, “‘Til we meet again” (What else?)
She say I’m toxic, they let Stunna and them demons in (Them niggas)
I’m promotin’ violence (Fuck it), ain’t nothin’ droppin’ no bodies (Uh-uh)
Everybody with me get wildin’ (Get geeked), money pilin’
Uh, she love the way that I’m stylin’ (Style), yeah, put that shit on with no stylist (Uh)
I’m booted up, man, I’m poppin’ these diamonds (Uh)
You don’t suck no dick, you childish (You childish)
Bitch, move (Move, huh, go)
A nigga can’t afford these Yeezy shoes, I’m too official, blow the whistle (Blow the whistle)
I won’t trip, I be blowin’ my pistol (Blowin’ my pistol)
I spill lean on the drank on the rental (Drank)
Wipe his nose, we ain’t usin’ no tissue (Uh-uh, slatt)
I’m froze, diamonds cold as a igloo (Ice)
Won’t hear ’bout shit that you finna do (Bitch)

Worry ’bout shit that you didn’t knew
Worry ’bout shit that you finna do, nigga
Bet I’ll show you niggas, niggas gon’ do nothin’ when shit is up
I ain’t show you nothin’? Bet I’ll show you somethin’, ha, on God
I ain’t show you nothin’? Bet I’ll show you somethin’
Bitch, you won’t blow your gun, so what you post it for?
I got her opened up, she see I’m goin’ up
This big four-five my only bestie, I keep it close as fuck
Uh-huh, 4X, I signed
I still ride with—, come on
Uh, uh
Uh, uh
Fire, fire

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