Thutmose & Rema – Love In The Morning (Lyrics, Video)

Thutmose & Rema - Love In The Morning

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American-English rapper/singer Thutmose just released his newest masterpiece titled “Don’t Wake Me“. Off the body of work is this smashing tune with Remmy boy (Bad Commando) – “Love In The Morning“. Avedon is the producer behind the production of this addictive song that can lure a lady into something deep. Rema the Nigerian sweet boy with a special Indiana sound blessed this track with a good vibe.

The video was shot in London, Enjoy!

Watch the Video



When I Hit it in the morning
Ooh In the Bed In the Shower
Just tell me where you want it
Go slow make me numb one time
When the Sun Rise I won’t let you down
Pick You Up I won’t let you down
Scream my name
When I hit it in the morning

(Thutmose Verse 1)
Wake Up with you next to me
I love it when you tell me things dirty things
Climb on top on me
I love it when You
Tell me things dirty things
Clim on top of me
Make you make you sing make u come up (Sunrise)
Shorty let me lay you down
Shorty let me lay you down
Yeah you know my favorite sound
My name coming out ur mouth no o

(Pre chorus)
Good morning wood u like to
Get some morning wood u like to
Wake up Wake up
Baby Won’t U scream my name


(Post chorus)
In the morning in the morning
Ooh I love it
In the
Ooh I love it

Rema verse

(Pre chorus)


(Post chorus) (2x)

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