Tory Lanez – Broke In A Minute (Lyrics, Video)

Watch the official music video to Broke In A Minute by Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez. The song was produced by Papiyerr.

Tory Lanez Broke In A Minute (prod. Papiyerr)

Tory Lanez Broke In A Minute (prod. Papiyerr)

Tory Lanez followed up on his beloved Chixtape 5 tape with a new banger and straight 2020 mood, “Broke In A Minute.” The beat runs for just under two minutes and hears Tory drop bars about his past life without bands to his new way of life and the ladies that come with it. Today the Brampton-bred rapper has come through to show more love to the song with a new video.

The visuals see him flexing and busting out some dances moves with a stack of cash at what appears to be a Los Angeles based home. The clip sees Tory posted up solo, rapping about his success without any ladies or his entourage.

The new video arrives days after Tory’s been seen kicking it with Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo and DJ Khaled respectively. Let’s hope the recent link-ups give us some new hits in the future.

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Yeah, word to Mazii, nigga (ah)
Fuck these niggas talkin’ ’bout, nigga?
When they swing that way to the right, you swing to the left, you heard?

Woo, damn
I ain’t been broke in a minute, don’t get offended
Tore off the bow in a Bentley, fucking your ho in her kidney
Fuck up the city, I do not dance, I jiggy
Gun is tucked under this Fendi
I like it, I spend it, I just came right out the jeweller
The ice on my neck, and my wrist, and my fist, I ain’t finished
I was just workin’ at Denny’s, came back and counted some millions
I ain’t no regular civillian
Red, yellow, green, look like my neck a chameleon
Ugh, okay, spin it, ugh
Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute
I hit his bitch, he offended
I’m in Givenchy and Fendi
They let me finish
I cut that Chevy for four day
My scammer bussing bottles off the ’08
I cannot cuff, she fucking on my brozay
I’m just gon’ fuck her, treat her like a throwaway
Ooh, damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute
I’m at the mall out in Venice
I need it, swiping the digits
Calling up Kelz, he did 250 on biddie
It ain’t no biggie, uh
Moncler, kick it
Fucked that lil’ bih, made a viddie
She wanna leak it
She wanna send it
Ayy, fuck that bitch, my face wasn’t in it
Damn, bitch do scams on bitty
Bands in my hands look pretty
Hit another band on the ‘gram, I’m litty
When I was broke, man, she fronted, but then I got rich and I hit it
Homie, I don’t dance, I jiggy
Weed is so strong, I feel like I’m Popeye off the spinach
I cut the corner and bend it
Bitch, I’m a menace like Dennis
Don’t sell me pussy, I need a percentage
If you gon’ fuck me, this shit is expensive
Nordstrom Rack, swipe my gift
Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute, ayy (Woo, woo, woo)

I ain’t been broke in a minute, damn (Woo)
I ain’t been broke in a minute (Woo, woo, woo)
Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute (Woo)
Damn, I ain’t been broke in a minute, damn

Date 2020-02-14

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