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Westside Boogie – Do 4 Love (Lyrics, Video)

Westside Boogie is back with “Do 4 Love”. Watch the music video, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Westside Boogie Do 4 Love

Westside Boogie Do 4 Love

Though Everything’s For Sale offered up a healthy dose of grown-man introspection, Westside Boogie appears to be back on his BS — and loving it, for that matter. Following back to back freestyle drops, the most recent being a clinical performance over Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” instrumental, Boogie has come through to deliver another new preview of what he’s been cooking up. This time, he’s dropping off “Do 4 Love,” another west-coast inspired banger befitting of his Compton roots, fueled by a bouncy bassline and shuffling drumline.

One thing that really stands out here is his flow, and Boogie lets fly an uninterrupted verse revisiting themes explored on his previous album. Yet where Everything was generally contemplative in nature, Boogie’s new drop comes heavy on the charisma. “You still love giving me your demonstration,” he spits. “She said that she don’t fuck with Boogie — she discriminating / somebody instigating.” At this point, WS Boogie’s sophomoric Shady Records release is shaping up to be one of the year’s best-kept secrets.


Ran outta breath
Darius (Yeah)
How you feel about love? (Huh?)
How you feel about love? (Love is trash)
It’s trash? (Yeah)

Yo, see, what I won’t do is know your past gone
And still treat you like the old you
And try to latch on when I need to let you go soon
Or let it drag on if you sayin’ you gon’ Goku
‘Cause I ain’t tryna hold you, no
But what I will do is help you unlearn things
So I could then rebuild you
Or when you in the crossfire, know I could come and shield you
Or I could be a mirror just so you could know you still you
But still, you love givin’ me your demonstrations
She said that she don’t fuck with BOOGIE, she discriminatin’
Somebody instigatin’
Man, I done been around the world, it ain’t no sick of places
Right between the spot of your love and your manipultation
Put that on my old shit, put that on my momma
That this shit can be misleading when you blinded through the trauma
I put that on my old shit, put that on my momma
That all my sketchiness withdrawn from all the problems with my father
Shoutout to Jhené and days I think about still, uh
Sick ’cause I ain’t notice we was goin’ downhill
You know hurtin’ full of work, you know healin’ is a skill
Beauty in the emptiness is that I still could get refilled
What I will and what I won’t
Yo, that’s what I won’t do
You was my sunroof when rain tried to come through
She hit a lick off my pain so it’s, “Fuck you”
It’s, “Fuck you,” it’s, oh

Oh, but I will do is, uh

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