Westside Boogie – Said Sum (Freestyle) (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2021-02-04

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Westside Boogie replies Moneybagg Yo as he covers “Said Sum” in a Freestyle. Watch the video, read the lyrics to the song.

Westside Boogie Said Sum (freestyle)

Westside Boogie Said Sum (freestyle)

Westside Boogie hit the ‘Gram last week to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the release of his debut album, Everything For Sale. It was a project that fans anticipated throughout his come up and he didn’t disappoint. That being said, he might not be releasing projects at the same rate as others but the care for the level of quality is why Boogie remains as revered as he is.

Over the past week, he’s unleashed a few freestyles, starting with “Joe Exotic.” Now, he returns with a short release over Moneybagg Yo’s 2020 hit “Said Sum.” Boogie wastes no time jumping into the beat and flexing his lyrical muscle as he details his cold-hearted attitude towards love and his recent success.


It’s hot as a bitch
Big West side shit, stop playin’ with me, nigga
Stop playin’
Yo-yo, uh

I got this feelin’ I left somethin’ (Ooh)
I though the nigga swore he was good
But can’t go to his hood had just said somethin’ (Ooh)
Fuck it, I feel like I’m in the streets
I’m in the industry, I’m finna dead somethin’
Guillotine how I been head huntin’
I think my shawty had said somethin’
How I treated her different
Love her, I hate her, I’m iffy, I’m picky
She think that she talkin’ to three different niggas
Older I get, doin’ bitches is crazy
It somethin’ that’s killin’ me deep in my spirit (Uh)
That’s as far as the think I be carin’
Thinkin’ she special, I guess she ain’t notice
That all of my bitches be meetin’ my parents
Straight off the-straight off the clearance, I’m fresh off the rack (Rack)
Still got some feelings I ain’t got to wear
‘Cause I still got some shit that I still ain’t unpacked (Packed)
Yeah, it’s a pack, so we packin’ you out
If we ain’t see you swingin’ as soon as it’s cracked
If it go anything deeper than that
Niggas don’t put all that shit in no raps
Niggas don’t do all that shit where I’m at
In a pandemic, but still, I ain’t panic
I almost said, “Fuck it, I’m finna start scammin'”
Cool bein’ up in the house with the fam’
But I miss bein’ ratchet, I took it for granted
Know who I am so I’m at in advantage
I leave it to him, he could deal with the damage (Woah, shit)
And know I ain’t plan it
I just hit the bitch up as soon as I landed
Oh shit, fuck, uh
I got this feelin’ I left somethin’
I thought the bitch that I took out the streets
But I put on the scene had just said somethin’
I thought (Alright)

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