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Wiz Khalifa – Mercury Retrograde (Lyrics, Video)

Wiz Khalifa unveils the music video for the new “Mercury Retrograde” song which is co-produced by Sledgren & Chris Dreamer. Read the lyrics to the new track.

Wiz Khalifa Mercury Retrograde

Wiz Khalifa Mercury Retrograde

Throughout the record, Wiz showcases that he understands his role as an elder statesman in the game. It’s apparent in how he drops jewels and addresses for the next generation to soak in. Though it’s unclear what project this might land on, it’s a promising sign of what Wiz has in store.

The new song arrives shortly after Wiz pointed out how hip-hop hardly creates music for smoking these days. ”They really don’t be making music to get stoned to anymore that’s crazy,” he tweeted. Evidently, “Mercury Retrograde” fills in that void.

Wiz delivered a spree of new singles since the beginning of the year. “Mercury Retrograde” comes after Wiz dropped off “#NeverDrinkingAgain” and “Love To Smoke.” Last year, the rapper released his latest studio album, Multiverse.

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[Verse 1]
Like an incense, doing everything with intent
Mercury retrograde got me hella sensitive
Wondering what the mission is
Gotta find myself through all this shit
Need a down bitch to ride with
Smoke trees, play multiverse and dip
Keep the house clean enough as it is
So when my cleaning lady come over she never have to have a fit
Lot of clothes, you can have a fit
Lot of things you’ll never run into if you got a down chick
And everything gettin’ split
It ain’t no secret, homeboy, you can get rich
Smoking this J to a roach clip
Even out the country they know what it is
‘Bout to start up another business
Talking to the moon, manifesting visions

These bitches are not spiritual
They just smoke, collect rocks, and hear voices inside of their head

[Verse 2]
Like an incense, doing everything with intent
Mercury retrograde got me hella sensitive
Lookin’ at nigga like I don’t know what their intentions is
I don’t know if they around me just ’cause they know they’ll benefit
But I know in time I’ll see it
I know that I’ll be a boss when it’s time to be it
Food off my plate, that was kinda recent
A bad one in her face lookin’ kinda decent
Smokin’ presidential like [?] Lisa
I’m the type to [?], not the type to need you
And when my gang walk in they all know the procedure
Don’t really like to crowd, by myself blowing smoke hella peaceful

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