Young M.A – “Beatbox Freestyle”

Young M.A - Beatbox Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Young M.A is out with the video for Her own version of the “Beatbox Freestyle”. Watch the video and read the lyrics to the song.

Young M.a Beatbox Freestyle
Young M.a Beatbox Freestyle

The viral Junebug Challenge catapulted SpottemGottem’s single “Beatbox” onto the Billboard Hot 100. Its growing popularity through TikTok has prompted rappers to take on the beat for quick freestyles that have benefitted SpottemGottem. Mulatto, Shenseea, and DaBaby have also lent their talents for separate official remixes over the past few months, though some of the best freestyles have yet to be attached to the official single.

There’s a level of satisfaction you’re guaranteed whenever Young M.A. steps to the mic and on her take of the viral records, she doesn’t disappoint. The New York rapper, once again, thrives without structure as she flexes her punchline-heavy bars and subtle ad-libs over the Tik Tok-famous beat.



[Young M.A. Verse]
So much water on my neck like I’m detoxin
2 drums and 2 sticks I’m beat boxin
I wish he would, [?]
I just blew out 50 out the safe I had to restock
Fuck a grammy I got the street watching
And for my bro I wear that red until I’m dead
I know that he watching
That’s my ex bitch cause she toxic
Got this new bitch now we toxic
Can’t cap, I’ll be toxic
Told ’em pussy niggas keep watching
Always got the .40 on me with the beam
And plus I keep options
Ready to get it started
VV’s on my chest, now I’m cold hearted
Diamonds go retarded
Living in big houses from apartments, bitch i made it out
My money and my loyalty, two things I’ll never play about
My opposition tryna get me out

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