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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

VIDEO: Pope Don X – RISE OF THE KINGS Ft. Dikans X D’zaya | [@PopeDonX]

​The fantastically triple ‘D’ sensation of Pope Don X and Dikans and super new kid on the block – Dzaya pay tribute to their nativity in the Hip-Hop number RISE OF THE KINGS. These are proud Akwa Ibom Songsters who this year set out to write an Anthem that all Akwa Ibom people can rally behind. The result, “Rise Of The Kings” brings a new style to Ibom pride and a fresh ibibio voice to Nigerian hip-hop. When you listen to this material, it is apparent they are their own artist, equipped with an entirely different message; a message that speaks of self-advancement, self-preservation, and communal advancement. The trio reps the international city of Uyo so hard and with so much pride. Follow Pope Don X on Twitter and Instagram.

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