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Who has more Vibe? Wizkidayo vs Arrel (@OfficialArrel)

Arrel the "Girl them" crooner, recently dropped the visuals to his trending jam " Girl them"which put the social media space in a frenzy. People have been comparing Arrel vibes to the king Wizkidayo vibe , probably because of the energy…

Bubble Soccers And Inflatable Airtracks

Bubble Soccer otherwise known as Bubble ball is a large plastic orb which is used in the Bubble soccer game. The bubble soccer game is a hilarious game to play and watch, and is somehow similar to the common soccer game, but in its case,…

Epic! See this epic wedding pose

People are getting more creative by the day but I don't get the gun pose. Are they trying to say women kill their husbands or what....Lol

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