21 Savage & Rich Brian – “Lazy Susan” (ft. Warren Hue & Masiwei) [Audio, Lyrics]

Date 2021-08-11

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21 Savage & Rich Brian feature Lazy Susan on “Warren Hue & Masiwei” produced by Wes Singerman, Tay Dex, Kid Hazel, Chong the Nomad & Rogét Chahayed. Get the song and lyrics.

21 Savage & Rich Brian Lazy Susan

21 Savage & Rich Brian Lazy Susan

21 Savage & Rich Brian – Lazy Susan (ft. Warren Hue & Masiwei) (prod. Wes Singerman, Tay Dex, Kid Hazel, Chong the Nomad & Rogét Chahayed)


[Intro: NIKI]

[Verse 1: MaSiWei]
劳力士two tone
向顶端move on
Uh, yeah,you know
我要做到和JAY-Z, Puff比肩
有我在 My whole team eat
有我在 My whole team eat

[Verse 2: Rich Brian]
Man, I been steerin’ clear of simpin’
And I’m rappin’ with no cussin’ ’cause the bag is thick
I got a whip and I ain’t even touch it yet
I’m only rockin’ with myself, my momma said it’s for the best
I went through 2020, I could go through anything, I bet
Missin’ shows and I miss my folks
I don’t really miss the ones that never like to see me grow
Yeah, my life be like the movies that you see on Vimeo
Hit the pause a couple times but now I’m really back on go
I got a story, it’s ’bout a warrior, he fight the wars in the booth
Look in the mirror, it’s never too clear that he walkin’ ’round in his shoes
It’s never too easy to carry the weight, it’s easy for you to assume
He makin’ dreams and he make ’em true, he don’t got no time for excuse
‘Cause I got emotions I’ve been lettin’ go that I can’t bottle up (Ay ay)
I’m just wild, so really, I’m myself when I be wildin’ out (Ay ay)
I’m a scary sight like alligators in aquariums
I see you celebratin’, time to clean yo damn confetti up
I’ve been inside the house so much I could prolly lick all the soles of my shoes
I never buy into the lies, in my head only I decide if it’s true
I might just go out for a run with a pepper spray or a mini gun
Dude, get out my way, I ain’t havin’ fun ‘cept for that one time
Sick of the limelight, doctor said just stay in the casa
Don’t need friends, I just need the Wi-Fi
I’m so blessed I repeat the mantra
Bluetooth speakers playin’ that fye fye
Reminiscin’ ’bout the times I was sky high
Payin’ the bills, man, I don’t need the Prada
My girl is spicy and salty like Mala
I’m really bein’ myself when I wild out, yeah

[Verse 3: 21 Savage]
Woah, woah, woah, woah
Yeah, straight up, straight up
Yeah, big dawg and I run my side (21, 21)
I got all my brothers dead or alive (On God)
You know I ain’t friendly, I ain’t givin’ no high fives (You know)
And my bankroll long, it’s like stocks how it rise (Straight up)
Boss man, ’bout my business, what I be (21)
I won’t get no sleep until I touch a beat (On God)
Had to throw away my feelings, I was in the street (Straight up)
Trials and tribulations, inspiration for these beats (Facts)
I go cuckoo for the dough, though
Jason mask, that’s my logo
He be whinin’, that’s my bro though
Pass it off, Tony Romo
Real gangsta, I be solo
I was poppin’ for the promo
We don’t talk, yeah that’s the bro code
Gentleman, I don’t do low blows (21, 21)
Tell them folks to cut my check
Every verse I’m on, they keep my best (Straight up)
Actin’ like a stalker, she obsessed (On God)
Eight-figure deals on my desk (Facts)
Little boy, this ain’t checkers, this is chess (21)
And you better pay the IRS (On God)
Catchin’, catchin’, fightin’ demons, lil bruh he possessed
Take it off and put it on, they know I be fresh (21)
Kicked her to the curb, now she actin’ all depressed (Stupid, stupid)

[Verse 4: Warren Hue]
Kick fast, too quick, swing jab, left hook
Right hook, big math, rich bags, duffle bag
I might run a lap, I’m gon’ run the world over
Couple swerves over these new rappers
Lee on ya boys, capisce, I’m done
Okay, oh, cool, at least you know I made it dude
The keys, the pool, the jewels that I don’t really use
Man, what’s the use? Like Thundercat and Mac
I’m swimmin’ deep inside your circle
Nvm, I’m out your circle, rock the pen
I’m out of the box, if I’m in one, I’ll cop a garage
Yeah, I been one, you ain’t the top
I got big lungs in case you want smoke
I don’t feel none ’cause I’m the G.O.A.T.
I’m the villain, y’all are some jokes
Is this still funny? I’m on ya head, chill
Kill rappers, I’m doin’ headshots, left side, right side
Bedside, chains hang, Led’ Zip’, y’all Camp Rock
Rock dead stock every time I step out
Broad daylight, I’m out, this a lesson, seminar
Let ’em know dogs out, let ’em know, let ’em know
Let ’em know, let ’em know

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