Actress Oge Okoye bullied to hypertension by fans..(gossip)

Did she produce or act in a p0rn movie? the answer is no. but why is she going through hell and  tough times in her home and her career?

The actress delivered her two children for a man who is already married hence the current problem she is having at home. and she has been paying too much attentions to the Negatives, reading  insulting comments from her fans of lately that is adding more to her problem.

According to her publicist, she has developed hypertension as a result of cyber bullying.

Hear what Oge Okoye’s publicist said below;

“Do you want to kill all our celebs with your bullying? I thought you had learnt after Goldie. Celebrities are human and have feelings. In her attempt to re-brand herself, you bullied Oge Okoye and made her hypertensive. “She’s an mgbeke”…she’s this…she’s that…” you kept firing! While you were busy bullying her for nothing, more talent scouts were noticing her.
You were too busy putting her down to even notice the beautiful concepts, only few with the trained eye and who genuinely understand art, left meaningful comments. Look at all the magazines she has covered, yet instead of encouraging her, you bully her even more. Her first big screen movie with Hollywood stars was just premiered in Lagos and instead of congratulating her, you continued abusing her when you saw photos, with some abusing her dress even though she looked hot. Oge is an only child, please don’t kill her for mother.”

If you ask me I will tell you that the actress is not yet ready for the entertainment industry… Tonto Dikeh feeds on bullies from a larger number of fans… she should get better soon and start learning from others how to survive.

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