Adekunle Gold drops new “All My Life” piece of new album (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-01

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Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold, delivers the song “All My Life” from the album “Tequila Ever After.” The track is co-produced by ​The Elements & Kel P. Get ready for a melodious and soulful musical journey!

Breaking news! Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold, has just released a mesmerizing track titled “All My Life” from his highly anticipated album, “Tequila Ever After.” The song is a joint production effort by the talented duo, The Elements and Kel P.

“All My Life” is a captivating addition to Adekunle Gold’s discography, showcasing his exceptional vocal prowess and lyrical finesse. The song’s soulful melodies and infectious rhythm create an immersive musical experience that will leave listeners enchanted.

The Elements and Kel P have masterfully collaborated to craft a beat that complements Adekunle Gold’s unique style, making “All My Life” a standout track on the “Tequila Ever After” album. The duo’s production expertise shines through, adding depth and richness to the song’s overall sound.

In “All My Life,” Adekunle Gold serenades listeners with heartfelt lyrics that speak of love, gratitude, and the beauty of cherished moments. The song’s emotive verses and soaring chorus are sure to strike a chord with fans, resonating with them on a deep and emotional level.

As the music world eagerly awaits the release of “Tequila Ever After,” “All My Life” serves as a promising glimpse into the album’s potential to captivate and delight audiences worldwide. Adekunle Gold’s artistry and The Elements and Kel P’s exceptional production have come together to create a musical masterpiece that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

The “Tequila Ever After” album promises to be a remarkable collection of songs, with “All My Life” paving the way for an unforgettable musical journey. Adekunle Gold continues to prove himself as a talented and versatile artist, and this latest release is further testament to his dedication to creating exceptional music.

In conclusion, “All My Life” is a testament to Adekunle Gold’s artistry and the collaborative genius of The Elements and Kel P. As the song continues to make waves, it further solidifies Adekunle Gold’s position as one of Nigeria’s most celebrated and influential musicians.

Fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to immersing themselves in the enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics of “All My Life” as they eagerly anticipate the full release of the “Tequila Ever After” album. Adekunle Gold’s star continues to rise, and his music continues to touch the hearts of millions worldwide.

Adekunle Gold – All My Life (prod. ​The Elements & Kel P)

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28 July 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


It’s Kel P Vibes

Kilofe omoge
Everything is on me
See me I want this your love
Alele o di dandan

See my doctor, he dey tell me
You be the cure, you’re my medication
Where you come from kasala don burst
Omo ja, ja, ja, ko ma lera o
Omo pesin go kpai
If dem come for my baby walahi

Eh! You can be rest assured
I no dey sleep, I go dey on guard
Eh! Forget other girls wey dey jealous you
Forget other boys way dey skobo you
Baby me I no dey bobo you
Osa you no say me cover you

Gara, gara o
Gara, gara o
Gara, gara o, gara
All my life I’ve been looking for ya
Paran o, paran
Paran o, paran
Paran o, paran
All my life I’ve been looking

Ten milli’ for your Birkin
And if you like fun mi ni billing
I just don’t want you deceiving me
I dey take things too personally (personally)

There’s just a part of me that want you more, more, more
And I’ll be here cos I’ve been waiting for long, long
Coolu my heart like a beautiful love song
Tony Umez, girl you do me like pawpaw

So da bayi
Baby ma je n sun ta, I dey outside
No carry me go goal, no offside
Make dem reach ninety-nine, I’m still your guy
2 AM, I’m knocking on your door
Open your heart baby jor, jor, jor
If you say you love me, you no go die
Make our feelings collide oh my my

Gara, gara o
Gara, gara o
Gara, gara o, gara
All my life I’ve been looking for ya
Paran o, paran
Paran o, paran
Paran o, paran
All my life I’ve been looking for ya

Dey outside
No offside
Still your guy
So da bayi
Dey outside

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