Bloody Civilian Unleashes Debut EP “Anger Management” Showcasing Her Skillful Songwriting

Date 2023-07-26

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Nigerian songwriter and lyricist, Bloody Civilian, has dropped her debut EP titled “Anger Management.” 🎵🔥 The EP comprises six tracks, including previously released songs like “How To Kill A Man” and “I Don’t Like You”.

Nigerian songwriter and lyricist Bloody Civilian has made a powerful debut with her first EP titled “Anger Management.” The six-track EP is a testament to her talent and creativity, featuring a collection of emotionally charged songs that captivate listeners with their raw honesty and impactful lyrics.

A Glimpse Into “Anger Management”

The EP “Anger Management” offers a diverse and compelling musical journey, giving fans a glimpse into the depths of Bloody Civilian’s songwriting abilities. Among the tracks featured on the EP are previously released hits like “How To Kill A Man” and “I Don’t Like You,” which have already garnered attention and praise from audiences.

Emotionally Charged Lyrics and Engaging Soundscapes

Each song in the EP boasts emotionally charged lyrics that resonate with listeners on a personal level. Bloody Civilian fearlessly explores themes of anger, love, and self-discovery, pouring her emotions into every line she delivers. Her lyrical prowess shines through in each track, painting vivid pictures and evoking strong emotions.

Accompanied by engaging soundscapes and captivating melodies, the EP showcases Bloody Civilian’s versatility as an artist. Her ability to craft unique and immersive sonic experiences further cements her position as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene.

A Strong Debut with Promising Prospects

“Anger Management” serves as a promising introduction to Bloody Civilian’s musical journey. With this EP, she has demonstrated her potential to make a lasting impact in the music industry. As she continues to develop her craft and explore new artistic horizons, fans can look forward to more captivating and soul-stirring music from this talented Nigerian songwriter and lyricist.


Bloody Civilian’s debut EP “Anger Management” is a powerful statement of her artistry, showcasing her skillful songwriting and emotive storytelling. With its emotionally charged lyrics and engaging soundscapes, the EP offers a memorable and captivating musical experience. As she continues to make her mark in the music industry, Bloody Civilian is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for, and “Anger Management” is just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

Bloody Civilian – Anger Management

1. Bloody Civilian – Escapism
2. Bloody Civilian – How To Kill A Man
3. Bloody Civilian – Family Meeting
4. Bloody Civilian – Mad Apology
5. Bloody Civilian – I Don’t Like You
6. Bloody Civilian – Come From

8 June 2023
6 Songs, 17 minutes
Bloody Civilian; ℗ 2023 Bloody Civilian

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