Crayon drops “Trench to Triumph” album

Date 2023-08-04

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Crayon unveils the new “Trench to Triumph” album featuring Oxlade, Ayra Starr, Victony, KTIZO, Magixx, Yaba Buluku Boyz.

The album boasts an impressive collection of thirteen tracks, each carefully curated to deliver a unique and captivating experience for the audience.

In a daring and ambitious move that marks a pivotal moment in his career, the incredibly talented Crayon, signed under the prestigious Mavin Records, has made the decision to grace the music world with the release of his much-anticipated debut album titled, Trench to Triumph. The aptly chosen title of the album encapsulates the essence of the project, as it serves as a powerful reflection of the artist’s journey from humble beginnings to his current position of bountiful success and blessings.

Trench to Triumph LP is a musical odyssey that chronicles Crayon’s evolution as an artist and as an individual, capturing the raw emotions, challenges, and triumphs he has experienced along the way, love and the life of the party are definitely not left out of it too. With each track, listeners are taken on a compelling and heartfelt voyage through the various stages of Crayon’s life and career, witnessing his growth and maturation as an artist and a person.

The album boasts an impressive collection of thirteen tracks, each carefully curated to deliver a unique and captivating experience for the audience. As Crayon pours his heart and soul into every lyric and melody, the listener is drawn into a world of authenticity and vulnerability, where the artist bares his soul and shares his most profound thoughts and feelings.

One of the defining features of Trench to Triumph is the star-studded collaborations that Crayon has masterfully woven into the fabric of the album. The inclusion of talented artists such as Victony, Ayra Starr, Oxlade, Magixx, Ktizo, and the Mozambican trio, Yaba Buluku Boyz, adds an extra layer of richness and diversity to the musical tapestry. Each collaboration brings a unique flavour and perspective, elevating the album to new heights and demonstrating Crayon’s ability to seamlessly harmonize with fellow musicians.

Throughout the LP, Crayon’s artistry shines brightly, as he effortlessly navigates through various genres and styles, showcasing his versatility as a singer-songwriter. From soul-stirring ballads that tug at the heartstrings to upbeat and infectious anthems that make you want to dance, Trench to Triumph is a captivating exploration of musical creativity and expression.

As fans and music enthusiasts immerse themselves in the album’s offerings, they are sure to be struck by the sheer talent and passion that Crayon exudes in every note. His dedication to his craft and his relentless pursuit of excellence are evident in each carefully crafted track, leaving a lasting impact on those who listen.

Crayon – Trench to Triumph (ft.Oxlade, Ayra Starr, Victony, KTIZO, Magixx, Yaba Buluku Boyz)

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1. Crayon – Calvary Kid
2. Crayon – Trench Kid (ft. Oxlade)
3. Crayon – Ngozi (ft. Ayra Starr)
4. Crayon – Ijo (Laba Laba)
5. Crayon – Belle Full (ft. Victony, KTIZO)
6. Crayon – You vs You (ft. Magixx)
7. Crayon – Modupe
8. Crayon – The One (Chop Life) (ft. Yaba Buluku Boyz)
9. Crayon – Super Woman
10. Crayon – Adey
11. Crayon – L’Eko
12. Crayon – Wetin Go Be
13. Crayon – Good Day

21 July 2023
13 Songs, 38 minutes
℗ 2023 Mavin Global Holdings Ltd/Blowtime Entertainment

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