FAMILY TIME: Erigga Releases Highly-Anticipated Album

Date 2023-11-14

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Erigga is back with the new “Family Time” album containing 17 songs. The project features Kyla.e, Victor AD, Zlatan, Corizo, Gee Baller, Yung6ix, Savage, EBII, Krista.

Renowned Nigerian rapper Erigga has returned to the music scene with his highly anticipated album titled “Family Time.” Following the success of his acclaimed album “The Lost Boy” released last year, Erigga showcases his enduring creativity and dedication to his craft in this new project.

Erigga Family Time

Erigga Family Time

“Family Time” is a comprehensive musical journey, featuring a robust collection of seventeen tracks. Within this body of work, Erigga adeptly explores various themes and emotions, offering listeners a diverse and rich sonic experience. The album is a testament to his growth as an artist over the last few years and his commitment to delivering authentic and relatable music.

A notable feature of the album is the inclusion of collaborations with several talented artists. Erigga has partnered with familiar names such as Victor AD, Zlatan, Yung6ix, Corizo, Savage, and more. These collaborations contribute to the depth and variety of the album, providing fans with a dynamic listening experience.

“Family Time” stands as the sixth addition to Erigga’s impressive discography, highlighting his consistency as an artist. With each release, he pushes the boundaries of his craft, offering fans fresh perspectives and unique insights into his world. The album is a reflection of Erigga’s versatility and ability to connect with his audience through his music.

Erigga – Family Time (ft. Kyla.e, Victor AD, Zlatan, Corizo, Gee Baller, Yung6ix, Savage, EBII, Krista)

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27 October 2023
17 Songs, 46 minutes
℗ 2023 AATW/Greatness Musiq


1. “Broken in two” (ft. Kyla.e)
2. “Family Time” (ft. Victor AD, Zlatan)
3. “Wide Awake” (ft. Corizo, Gee Baller, Yung6ix)
4. “Pot of Stew”
5. “El Classico” (ft. Savage)
6. “Too Fresh” (ft. EBII)
7. “Good Girl No Dey Pay”
8. “Glasses In the Air”
9. “Tinke”
10. “Saddest Days”
11. “First Taking”
12. “Bad Persin”
13. “My entitled brother (Interlude)”
14. “Area and Entitlements”
15. “God”
16. “Assumptions” (ft. Krista)
17. “Strong warning (Outro)”

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