Umu Obiligbo Presents 14-track “Legacy” Album

Date 2023-11-13

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Nigerian highlife duo, Umu Obiligbo releases their “Legacy” album which tags Bracket, Beepee, Bisa Kdei.

Nigerian highlife and Afrobeats duo, Umu Obiligbo, has unveiled their latest project, the “Legacy” album. This fourteen-track album showcases the musical prowess of the duo in the realm of highlife and Afrobeats.

Umu Obiligbo Legacy

Umu Obiligbo Legacy

One of the highlights of the “Legacy” album is the inclusion of collaborations with other notable artists. The featured artists bring their unique styles and contributions to enhance the richness of the album. Notable collaborations include tracks with Bracket, Beepee D Rapgod, and Bisa Kdei.

Umu Obiligbo has been recognized for their ability to blend traditional highlife sounds with contemporary Afrobeats, creating a distinct and vibrant musical fusion. The “Legacy” album is expected to continue this trend, offering listeners a captivating musical journey that celebrates the duo’s cultural roots while embracing modern influences.

The inclusion of collaborations with Bracket, Beepee D Rapgod, and Bisa Kdei adds diversity to the album, creating a dynamic listening experience. Fans of Umu Obiligbo and enthusiasts of highlife and Afrobeats are likely to find “Legacy” a compelling addition to the duo’s discography.

As Umu Obiligbo continues to make waves in the Nigerian music scene, the “Legacy” album serves as a testament to their commitment to preserving and evolving the rich traditions of highlife music in contemporary contexts.

Umu Obiligbo – Legacy (ft. Bracket, Beepee, Bisa Kdei)

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10 November 2023
14 Songs, 54 minutes
℗ 2023 Umu Obiligbo Global / ONErpm


1. Champion
2. Business (feat. Beepee)Umu Obiligbo
3. Ifeanyi Chukwu
4. Sokoto (feat. Bisa Kdei)
5. Live Life
6. Uche
7. Over Sabi (feat. Bracket)
8. Olisa
9. Frog Jump
10. Ije Nwoke
11. Aku Bu Ilo
12. Udemba
13. Ego
14. Legacy Outro

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