Ari Lennox – Grounded (Audio, Lyrics)

Ari Lennox - Grounded (prod. Elite)

Ari Lennox returns with a new track titled “Grounded” for Black Owned Businesses. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Elite.

Ari Lennox Grounded
Ari Lennox Grounded

Ari Lennox has been working to spotlight and support Black businesses via her YouTube channel, featuring Shaughn Cooper, for quite some time now. But in effort to branch out and take things up a notch, she decided to team up with Google and release “Grounded,” an energetic, soulful, R&B bop, last Friday.

The track’s purpose is to act as a jingle for a Black and woman-owned plant shop in Lennox’s hometown, Washington DC, and so far it has done so very successfully. It was subsequently featured on several Black-owned business playlists, and was also given an honorable mention in a number of publications, including The Root to Washington Post.

Ari Lennox – Grounded (prod. Elite)



Hey-hey, yeah

You’ll grow
Once you are grounded
You’ll grow (Ooh, ooh)
Once you are grounded
A pathos or two (Ooh)
Will erase your blues (Ooh, ooh)
Wake up and see
Majesty, palm trees
You’ll grow (Ooh, ooh)
Once you are grounded
Grounded, grounded, grounded
You gotta be grounded (Oh-oh-oh, hey, hey)
Grounded, grounded, grounded
You will grow
Once you are grounded (You gotta be)
You will grow (You gotta be)
Once you are grounded
When your living room is ugly (Yeah)
Come and get a tree (Ah-ah)
You can’t grow unless you’re grounded
Living room is ugly (Hey-hey)
Come and get a tree (Ooh-ooh)
You can’t grow unless you’re grounded
Yeah, ayy-ayy


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