Asher Roth drops the new “Dimma (Last Chance U)” song (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-07

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American rapper, Asher Roth releases the Guala-produced piece of new music titled “Dimma (Last Chance U).” Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

Asher Roth has returned with a new single. The Pennsylvania-born rapper reflects on getting older in “Dimma (Last Chance U),” enlisting the help of Swedish producer Guala. The track is grounded by a fuzzy, laid-back beat and guided by introspective bars. A flowery piano accompaniment provides it with a dreamy, nostalgic edge. The 37-year-old spits about writing new music, smacking “a**,” and how life just gets harder when you grow up.

Roth is most well-known for his 2009 Asleep in the Bread Aisle track, “I Love College.” Last month, the rapper dropped “En Gratis,” which also features production from Guala. This latest track also follows his 2022 collaborative EP with Salt Lake City producer Heather Grey, Why’s It So Grey Out?

In July, Asher Roth sat down with Luke Bailey of the Fly Fidelity podcast, sharing some new details of his upcoming EP. Roth revealed that he’d be teaming up with Logic, who will reportedly be producing a lot of it. “He’s just got ridiculous beats, so there may actually be a world where he and I collaborate when he gets off the road and do a little joint,” Roth explained. “I don’t know how much rapping he’ll do, but it’ll be a lot of beats produced by him.”

Asher Roth – Dimma (Last Chance U) (prod. Guala)

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2 August 2023
1 Song, 1 minute
℗ 2023 Retrohash

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[Verse 1]
Last Chance U
Ash can’t you make a new tune?
Give us something to dance to
An anthem, damn, son
That anthropological dialogue is tired, dog
We need that fire, bro
We need that ride along the side an Ireland body of water
Cigar in order like you just had daughter
My alma mater called, told me I’ve become a martyr
I’m only getting older, it’s only getting harder

Shit, my bad

[Verse 2]
I’m only getting smarter, tried to diversify
Turns out writing raps is good for getting by
Killing time and getting high
At least the moments get memorialized
Wait, there’s more to life? Man, I’m mortified
How am I suppose to access the outer axis of our actions?
What through practice? Man, that’s wack shit
I need racks for rib racks from north cacalacky
On acid kicking hacky sack with Bill and Cousin Jackie

[Verse 3]
I think my name means Happy, I’d say that’s accurate
There’s some tact to it
If nothing is immaculate at least there’s ass for smacking
That’s what it’s there for
Rare form with Nore, woke up drunk at the airfort
Clairvoyant, paranormal ’til I cut my hair short like Iroquois
Trusting white men was a error boy
Territory, terrible story, parables they bore me
Red herring for sure, you should get a corgi

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